Young Justice: Schooled (Review)

Young Justice: Schooled (Review) Well, Young Justice is wasting no time burning through DC Universe characters. We have seen Mister Twister, King Kobra, The Sportsmaster, and now Professor Ivo and his android Amazo. I have to say I am enjoying to seeing the full fledged DCU up and running, and yet the heroes and villains […]

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Young Justice: Independence Day (Review)

Young Justice: Independence Day (Review) Today is the day… Young Justice finally premiered, and it was awesome! Technically is premiered on the Friday after Thanksgiving with a 1 hour special, but who’s counting. The animation is pretty much the same character design as Batman: Under the Red Hood, so the characters are stylized, sleek and […]

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Brightest Day Issue #8 (REVIEW)

This week’s Brightest Day takes a step back from last week’s explosive issue, but we still get some nice story progressions. I feel like this series is really starting to pick up steam and find it’s way. What it has taken me eight issues to realize is the virtue of this story is resurrection. It will not share the pace of Blackest Night, Brightest Day is about rebuilding and finding a new way.

Young Justice – First Look

Producer Weisman has stated Young Justices covers a “young DC Universe” set in the present time of our world. The show focuses on the lives of Young Justice members as sidekicks attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes; and as teenagers dealing with adolescent issues that revolve around school, relationships, sex, and so forth. The tone […]

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