Supernatural: What’s in a Soul?

What’s in a Soul? The Road So Far… By all accounts, last year’s aptly titled Supernatural finale was supposed to be the show’s swan song. Eric Kripke, the creator of one of the most dynamic shows to grace the small screen over the last decade, had mapped out Supernatural’s direction from the beginning. It was […]

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Supernatural: Family Matters (Review)

Supernatural: Family Matters (Review) Then… Veritas brings her brand of truth to a small town. Residents asking for the truth get it until it drives them to suicide, satisfying her need for tribute. Dean asks and receives as well, getting what he didn’t want to hear from Lisa (breaking up with him) and what he […]

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Supernatural: You Can’t Handle the Truth (Review)

Supernatural: You Can’t Handle the Truth (Review) Then… Dean and Sam investigate the disappearance of several young women and come across vampires intent on building an army at the behest of their Alpha. Dean is overpowered by the vampire leader and forced to drink its blood as Sam watches on, a satisfied smile on his […]

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Supernatural: Live Free or Twi-Hard (Review)

Following the vein of this season’s “Two and a Half Men”, this week’s Supernatural revisits one of its past season monsters in vampires. While the primary tone of this episode is serious, the writers don’t skimp on the fun during the opening act.

Supernatural: Weekend at Bobby’s (Review)

Supernatural: Weekend at Bobby’s (Review) Then… Castiel’s return gives us perspective into the chaos going on in Heaven. Raphael’s trying to gain control and bring for the Apocalypse that the Winchesters prevented. Some of Heaven’s most powerful weapons are missing and, presumably floating around in our world (thanks to Balthazar). Sam continues with the uncharacteristically […]

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