Star Trek vs Star Wars JJ Edition

J.J. Abrams Goes to War(s)

It’s official… in 2015 movie goers will be treated to J.J. Abrams version of an all new chapter in Star Wars, as he is set to produce and direct the much anticipated Episode VII. I foresee some pretty heated debates over Disney’s choice to reinvigorate the Star Wars movie universe. One side of this argument […]

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Keeping up with the Disney’s

So Disney’s acquisition of Marvel is done, today it was announced that Warner Bros. would create DC Entertaiment as an answer to Marvel Studios. “DC Entertainment Inc., a new company founded to fully realize the power and value of the DC Comics brand and characters across all media and platforms, to be run by Diane […]

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Marvel vs. DC… or Disney vs. Warner Bros. to be more exact

For years Warner Bros. has been watering down the DC Universe with every new live action film into safe generic caricatures of the source material (Superman Returns, Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Steel). Marvel on the other hand went out and created their own film studio and released Iron Man among others. Getting to the […]

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