If you are not familiar with Urbanspoon it is a restaurant recommendation and location service, website and  iPhone app. The app is really easy to use, you just shake your phone and a casino style slot readout will randomly give you a restaurant suggestion based on city, food type and price based on your selected […]

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Internet TV

Hulu, YouTube, Funny or Die, Revision3…. these are but a few of the players online streaming television shows. Internet TV takes the concept of OnDemand and raises it to the next level. I remember as a kid always hearing, “One day you will be able to watch whatever you want whenever you want”.

NBC vs. The Winter Olympics

Has four years passed since the last Winter Olympics on NBC? So on the cusp of the opening ceremonies, NBC carves up their prime-time schedule and show hour after hour of Bob Costas doing what he does best… shoehorning “moments”.