Flash New Look Feature

The Flash First Look

The CW has released the first  look at Grant Gustin as The Flash in their upcoming pilot (well his head at the very least). What do you think of the headgear of the costume? Gustin’s costume  was designed by Oscar-winning designer Colleen Atwood. I can’t wait to see the full costume, and as always I […]

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SyFy Cancelled Being Human… WTF!

The SyFy Channel, has over the years put out some amazing content, from Farscape to Battlestar Galactica to even the off beat shows like The Invisible Man, G vs. E, and Lexx. But it seems lately they are content for forget their target market, and have cancelled some highly creative shows. Shows like Eureka, Warehouse […]

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Love Evernote Feature

To Evernote With Love

This is an unsolicited (unabashed) letter of love to Evernote, my favorite app on the Interwebs. Please excuse any gushing. To Evernote With Love, My dearest Evernote, I don’t remember the day I downloaded you into my digital life; but I remember the day when you became instrumental to my day to day existence. It […]

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What I Backed on Kickstarter: JUMP by Native Union

Recently Backed on Kickstarter: JUMP by Native Union I recently back the JUMP Cable by Native Union on Kickstarter, and was very pleased when the funding was a success. The JUMP Kickstarter was able to amass over $370,000 (on a $40,000 goal), if you don’ t know… “JUMP is not just a charging cable; it […]

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How To Make a Cup of Tea… Green Spear Twist from Adagio Teas

  I’m a major tea geek, I have been since I was a kid. I was first introduced to the wonder of tea from a family friend, and she and I would stay up all night talking about everything under the sun. All while enjoying a nice cup of tea with honey (never sugar or […]

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