How Addicted to Twitter are You?

Do You Need a Twitter 12 Step Program? People like to joke about being addicted to a lot of things; chocolate, shoes, even cell phones. In this infographic we learn that the little blue bird may seem harmless enough, but are we on the verge of becoming a nation of insatiable Twitter junkies? Don’t forget […]

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Quick Hit: Apple vs. Flash

VS. Everyone has a side on the recent comments from Steve Jobs about the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and the lack of Adobe Flash support. Forget for a minute the argument about reduced battery life and processing power. Take a step back and look at this problem from Apple’s point of view. Apple has a rabid user/fan base who all […]

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If you are not familiar with Urbanspoon it is a restaurant recommendation and location service, website and  iPhone app. The app is really easy to use, you just shake your phone and a casino style slot readout will randomly give you a restaurant suggestion based on city, food type and price based on your selected […]

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Internet TV

Hulu, YouTube, Funny or Die, Revision3…. these are but a few of the players online streaming television shows. Internet TV takes the concept of OnDemand and raises it to the next level. I remember as a kid always hearing, “One day you will be able to watch whatever you want whenever you want”.