Batman Beyond Issue #3 (Review)

Check out my latest review of Batman Beyond #3 on Of all the books I picked up this week, Batman Beyond wins hands down my favorite. The issue picks up right where last month’s book left off. HUSH is making his play for Calendar Man, to kill him like the rest of the Bat-foe […]

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Luke Skywalker Becomes a Man or is it a Jedi?

Take a look at this deleted scene from Return of the Jedi shared at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando. In the scene Luke puts the finishing touches on his new lightsaber. Constructing your own lightsaber is a final rite of passage for all Jedi. [author_box avatar=”yes” author_link=”yes” ]

Who Should Replace Michael Scott?

Steve Carell is leaving NBC’s ‘The Office’ after this season… honestly I am stoked about this! Carell’s Michael Scott has worn out his welcome at Dunder Mifflin and on my DVR. The lack of character growth is as much an indictment on the writing staff as Carell himself. Michael Scott went from the lovable, lonely […]

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