About Going Geek News

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Going Geek News was founded in 2009 as a way to share the fandoms I was interested in, mainly comic books, TV and movies. Lately the site has evolved, the focus of the site has broadened to show my love for all the different fandoms running rampant on the Interwebs (and in my head) today. Basically, I got tired of pigeonholing myself into just one category. Does that mean I won’t ever write about TV or Movies or Comics? Heck no! I’ll always write about that stuff, I love it. However, I’m also going to share my thoughts on some of my other interests.

So, to reiterate… even though I’ve expanded the focus to include pretty much anything you can geek over, I still love comics, genre television shows and pretty much any adventure movie with a budget over $50 million (I will always need a good a-splosion fix).

Going Geek News is about the celebration of all things geek. I know geeks come in all shapes and sizes, they are geeks about comic books, working out, cooking and gaming (just to name a few of the many types of geeks). I used to ask, Are You Geek Enough? But that doesn’t really fit the mold of what geeks are all about. What I should really be working on is to be all inclusive of our passions and love by asking, What Kind of Geek are You?

Now that you know all about Going Geek News…

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