The 2018 Ohio Toy and Comic Show Extravaganza Part 2 – Bonus Episode

Part 2 Starts… Now!

This is Part 2 of the 5th Annual Ohio Toy and Comic Show where sat down with some pretty amazing people. Guests this episode include Flying Pork Apparel, What’s on Joe Mind Podcast, Wes Whitlock, and more!

Where to find our guests online:

Part 2:

Joe Colton Cosplay | Facebook
Mary Mercenary Cosplay | Facebook
Flying Pork Apparel Co. | Website
What’s On Joe Mind Podcast | Facebook
Revenge City Cosplay (Wes Whitlock) | Facebook

If you missed it check out our awesome interviews from Part 1:

Master Daniel Pesina | Facebook | Website
Aaron Dietrick/ROMA Collectibles | Facebook | Website
Josh Pence | YouTube | Instagram
Toybills | Instagram | YouTube
Joe Colton Cosplay | Facebook
Mary Mercenary Cosplay | Facebook

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