How I Fell Back in Love with Podcasts

Who Knew One Device Could Do So Much?

podcastFor the majority of my life I’ve been a gadget guy, meaning I really enjoy trying out new devices to see how they impact and/or better my life. I bought my first MP3 player in 2000 at a Sam Goody (yes, I’m old) in Hoboken, NJ. only to discover my PC at the time didn’t have a USB port to get my digital music library on to a tiny blue-ish/purple-ish device that was only able to hold 14 songs. That was a huge gadget fail for me, but it also inspired me to buy my first Apple iBook… gadget win!

This example is not the beginning of my gadget obsession, and won’t be the end, it is just a case of my trying out some new bit of tech. But, you dear reader as asking yourself… what does this have to do with podcasts? Simple, I’ve been using iTunes for my main podcast source for some time, and through 4 iPod, 4 iPhone, and iPad iterations at no time since 2007 have I typically had less than 2 iOS devices on my person. Over the past year, the iPhone 5s and the iOS Podcast (Free), Stitcher (Free) and SoundCloud (Free) [have made more difficult to carry multiple devices (and honestly I typically only use the iOS Podcast app).

When I was using an iPod Nano, old iPhone 3Gs (being used as an iPod), and iPhone, I was constantly having to sync, plug and delete stuff to make sure I had access to (and place saved) on my latest Podcast or Audiobook. This was not the ideal way to consume some of my favorites like The Pointless Podcast, StartUp, Nerdist, We Have Concerns and more. Because I made myself carry all these devices around, I found I was listening to my favorite weekly, daily, and occasional podcasts less and less. I finally got to the point where I just started listening to one or two at a time, and I would have to ration my content for long drives. Again, this was less than ideal.

I recently made the decision to just carry around my iPhone 5s, basically, I’m conditioning myself to carry one device waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus(s?) later in 2015. By doing this I’ve found my way to podcasts I hadn’t listened to in the past… like We Have Concerns, starting Anthony Carboni and Jeff Cannata. Because I’m always connected to the web and I have a grandfathered “unlimited” data plan, I don’t worry about having to sync everything each night at the computer.

Ok, so there you have it. I rediscovered my love of podcasts by simply pairing down the number of devices I have on my person. I was actually able to finally listen to the smash hit Serial podcast on my daily commute over the past week. You could say I simplified my tech to have the ability to listen to more on the go, and my love of new and interesting content is continually satisfied.