Avatar the Last Airbender Family Trees Revealed!

The Last Airbender Family Trees from Nick.com

legend-of-korra-family-tree-4x3-coverNick.com had gone and done it, the network that seems to want to kills everyones favorite element bending universe has given a huge tease to the past and/or future (depending if you are looking at the AtLAB or TLoK) of the different family dynamics. Below you will the different Avatar the Last Airbender family trees of the main cast of characters (and of course their families). And does anyone else think it’s weird that only the Earth Kingdom family’s have last names?

 Aang’s Family Tree


Korra’s Family Tree


Zuko’s Family Tree


Beifong Family Tree


Mako/Bolin’s Family Tree


Sato Family Tree


New Characters Revealed

Unalaq’s Wife – Malina
Granma Yin’s husband – Bohai
Mako and Bolin’s Mother – Naoki
Chow’s (Mako and Bolin’s Uncle) wife – LiLing
Chow’s other kids – Chow Jr and Meng-Meng
Asami’s mother – Yasuko

What We Didn’t Learn

The identity of Su’s Father
Original Iroh’s Wife’s identity
Zuko’s Wife’s identity
Did Azula have kids or marry
Did Sokka have kids or marry

Ok, what do you think? Are you happy to see Nick and Bryke still churning out Avatar news? Or, would you rather see all of this animated (or at the very least in a new Dark Horse comics?). The next big Avatar the Last Airbender comic ‘Smoke and Shadow’ will be released in the Fall of 2015, hopefully we will continue to get more answers.


Source: Avatar the Last Airbender Online