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To Evernote With Love

This is an unsolicited (unabashed) letter of love to Evernote, my favorite app on the Interwebs. Please excuse any gushing.

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To Evernote With Love,

My dearest Evernote, I don’t remember the day I downloaded you into my digital life; but I remember the day when you became instrumental to my day to day existence. It was a warm summer-ish day in 2012, I had just received my brand new iPad and while I had been using Evernote half heartedly on my computer, I didn’t realize just how much my life and productivity was about to change. I had come home from work during lunch to pick up said iPad and quickly loaded Evernote onto the shiny new object of so much opportunity, and I was off to the races.

Now, my relationship hasn’t been all puppy dog tails and sliver linings. There was the syncing issues of Late 2012 where all my notes decided they didn’t want to sync correctly and at the time all 30+ notes decided to be in conflict. But we got past that. Then there was the constant perception I was on my iPad during meetings not paying attention, when in reality, I was not only taking notes but capturing audio recordings of every meeting (that was a fun day when a coworker mistakenly called me out only to be greeted with the melodic tones of her very annoying voice coming from the iPad), but again we got past all that and continued our beautiful partnership.

As those were some mildly choppy waters to navigate, there were also the high notes (pun intended). Like covering all of SXSW 2012 (done with Evernote on my Macbook Pro, but you were still there to me and to this day I still regularly check those notes for the intended inspiration they provide). Then we can not forget the times at Social Slam (2012 and 2013) with a notebook stack chock-full of musings and wisdom from some of the greatest minds in social media marketing today.

Lately, I have found yet another use for you, you wonderful app. I am currently teaching Social Media Marketing, Digital Branding, and Usability/UX classes at Miami University (Ohio… where I’m not only a Visiting Professor, but an alum to boot). I have been able to use Evernote for everything from creating my syllabus to lesson planning to creating my lectures and presentations (all of which are easily shared with my classes so they don’t miss a beat). You have been amazingly helpful at keeping 3 very different classes separate and organized.

While you have been great in the classroom this is not even my favorite part of the app. I am also the proud owner of an Evernote Moleskin (so proud in fact, this semester I’m not letting students use computers and recommended they purchase this),  I have found it invaluable as a way to stay organized. Remember the above mentions preconceptions of playing on the Internet during meeting? They have been replaced with a real, “Wow” factor at the fact that I can not only take handwritten notes, but I can then scan those notes, poor penmanship and all, to become searchable text, giving me the superhuman ability to call upon them at a moments notice from any device holding the Evernote app (aka all of them). I can’t tell you how many people are impressed by this, this is an amazing piece of usefulness. This is all great, it really is, but… where I have found the most value to date is the ability to use Evernote to assist in the planning my life. As I continue to grow as a marketing professional, I keep a notebook of clipped reading. As I look to open my own business, I keep a note book of plans, to-do lists, images of storefront locations, and sketches of how I want my business to look. Heck, I even have an entire notebook of recipes that I have tried to varying levels of success.

Oh sweet Evernote, these are just a few of the very many ways I use you to help my daily life and for that I say, “Thank you”.

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If you aren’t not familiar with Evernote (first off, for shame) here is a quick look at some of the changes they have recently made to the iOS 7 version to make it even more wonderful.

*Again I can NOT stress enough this is a fully unsolicited look at my favorite app on the Interwebs. Evernote if you are reading this, thank you again for helping make my life more productive useful technology.