What I Backed on Kickstarter: JUMP by Native Union

Recently Backed on Kickstarter: JUMP by Native Union

I recently back the JUMP Cable by Native Union on Kickstarter, and was very pleased when the funding was a success. The JUMP Kickstarter was able to amass over $370,000 (on a $40,000 goal), if you don’ t know… “JUMP is not just a charging cable; it also provides your smartphone with a substantial power boost wherever you are, without ever having to remember to charge it. Perfect for work, play, and travel.”

When I saw the JUMP I needed it (I actually was able to get 2 of the JUMP cables) for when I’m on the road away from any convenient charging sources for for a night out after a long day at the the office. I hate when my iPhone runs low on batter, I’m inclined to take a lot of pictures and video, so when my phone is low on juice it sometimes miss out on digitizing a memory or two. Once May rolls around and the JUMP is in my possession that won’t be the case. You see, kind reader, the JUMP adds an additional 30% of charge to your phone, and I don’t know about you but 30% extra on the iPhone 5s goes a long, LONG way.

You may have missed the JUMP Kickstarter campaign, but don’t worry Native Union is taking pre-orders now for the retail price of $50.