#aSPIDEYaday Trailer Staring Lego Spider-man


Hello my lovely geeks! Ever since Christmas rolled around in 2013, the Geekling and I have been mighty obsessed with the brick and block filled world of Lego. So much so in fact, I’ve taken to my Instagram and starting a fun (for me at least) game with one of my Lego Spider-man mini figures. I call it #aSPIDEYaday.

Basically, I have been carrying around a Lego Spider-man for the past month and taking fun shots of him out in the world, in my house or invading one of the many Lego sets we (the Geekling and I) have built over the past 2-ish months. The video above is some fun I was having with the iMovie app on my iPhone 5s, it is meant to be fun and silly.