Going Geek News Power Rankings: Week of October 21th



Talk about a tough week. There was some powerful competition for the Power Rankings, with 3 shows having arguably their best episodes of the season. The competition got stiffer as well with the premieres of Grimm and Dracula, though Sleepy Hollow was out of contention for the second straight week.

1) ArrowBroken Dolls (–)

More than any show in the top five, Arrow has maintained consistency from week to week. Though the main baddie deals more with Lance than Arrow, the Black Canary’s intro is strong and her vigilantism is reminiscent of Arrow’s first year on the streets. The island flashbacks continues to build the lattice work of Oliver’s belief system and, if I’m not mistaken, an exploration of what could be his greatest adversary in Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke the Terminator.

2) Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.—Girl in the Flower Dress (new)

AoS has been consistently good but has lacked the power punch that would put it over the top. Until now. For the first time this year, the stakes facing our S.H.I.E.L.D. heroes takes on a sense of urgency. Skye’s semi-betrayal shakes the team through its core and will have ramifications throughout the season as she tries to rebuild that trust. The return of Extremis and the hints of the team’s greatest threat may prove to be the jump start the show needs to boost it past the good, fun entertainment to great television.

3) Sons of AnarchySweet and Vaded (new)

Where to even begin? SAMCRO finds a temporary new home in a candy shop in downtown Charming, Nero’s given the option of ratting out the club for his freedom, Tara continues her duplicitous scheming to get her kids away from Gemma and the club, and the gang helping out Nero’s adopted family in Venus (the multi-talented Walter Goggin in drag). The holy s*** moment though is when Jax, disgusted by Venus’s sub-human, pedophile of a mother spits venom at her son-turned-daughter that hits way too close to home from Jax and how his sons will view him.

4) RevolutionOne Riot, One Ranger (-1)

Only five episodes into its sophomore season and Revolution’s already crushed its freshman efforts. Aaron tells the gang about his nano-powers that manifested months prior, Charlie and Monroe make their way to Willoughby, and Neville continues to play his hand as the Patriots show off their ruthlessness, and Miles tries to get Texas to fight a war against the new government. Monroe helps him in this regard, proving that he will do what is necessary, despite the wishes of others. Though quite a few things have happened, it seems as if there’s a slow build towards some heavy stuff, starting with this week’s episode that finds Monroe answering for the crimes he’s been framed for.

5) The Tomorrow PeopleGirl, Interrupted (–)

While we know quite a bit about Stephen’s backstory, we don’t know jack about the other tomorrow people. “Girl, Interrupted” provides a captivating and very unique origin story for Cara. Originally deaf, her powers give Cara the ability to hear but causes her to lose her family and she still carries the cynicism with her. Jedikiah shines as well, offering rationality to his advice to Stephen. Cara softens her anti-human stance a bit, part of which is due to her ever strengthening platonic bond with Stephen. Astrid finding out her best friend’s secret adds even more spice to an already delicious meal.

Dropped Out

Supernatural—Any other week and Supernatural would’ve remained in the top five. “I’m No Angel” provided a compelling glimpse into Castiel’s new life as a human and it also introduces Bartholomew, the newest angelic badass. Castiel’s conversation with the woman in the church was a top 5 ALL-TIME Supernatural moment and is a perfect rendition of the concepts of faith and belief.

The Vampire Diaries—There was an extreme lack of flow to “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, it does offer closure to the Bonnie situation. The biggest disappointment was Elena’s overt fliration with memory loss Stefan. The writers are introducing the Stefan drama too early in the Damon/Elena relationship.

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