Arrow Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 – City of Heroes

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Arrow’s Season 2 Premiere Hits the Mark

Well Arrow is certainly back, even if the show’s namesake has hung up his quiver. Season 2 picks up months after The Undertaking, Oliver has returned to the Island Lian Yu, Moria Queen is in Prison, and Thea is running the nightclub, say nothing of the tattered ruins that is Queen Consolidated. The non-Queens are also in a state of transition. Roy Harper is work at the club, and playing vigilante on his own. Detective… excuse me, Officer Lance is working the beat while Laurel has joined the D.A.’s office. Let’s not forget Diggle and Felicity, who have traveled to the island to bring Oliver back to save the the city and reclaim his brand, which has been usurped by a ground of survivors from the Glades, killing the 1%-ers they deem responsible for The Undertaking.

I have to say, Arrow continues to be one of the strongest arguments for re-working a character for other media. The show is well written, well thought out and obviously has a plan for growth (i.e. the much publicized introduction of Barry Allen… The Flash, later this season). The changes to Oliver’s story to include his mom and sister continually ground him in reality and Team Arrow is the Scooby’s all grow’d up. Green Arrow himself is angsty and and committed to the cause, and after the fallout from season one is left searching for a new way.

I was worried the loss of Tommy Merlyn would be either glosses over or forgotten, but much like the death of Opie on Sons of Anarchy, Tommy has become something more to Oliver, an example of how not to be a hero. SPOILER… The Hood will not be killing anyone this season (well I’m sure unless he can help it). I wonder how fans will react to this new edict? I know there were some who had issues with the way Oliver just killed without any kind of remorse, well that bill has certainly come due.

The other big fallout in Oliver’s life is the pending hostile takeover of Queen Consolidated by fan favorite Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev, a shrewd business woman out to gut Oliver’s company. This is a story that happens from time to time in the comics, where Ollie will do something to lose the company and the save it all over again. This story line feels a little rushed, and it feels a little forced. But it is just the first episode so we’ll see where it goes.

I can’t, not, touch on the Flashbacks for Arrow. Of all the shows using flashbacks (Revolution, Sleepy Hallow, and others I’m not even thinking about right now) Arrow’s are the most organic, and actually add to the story and show why Oliver is the way he is… and more importantly building the relationship with Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) for the eventual falling out to come. The addition to Shado played by Celina Jade, is a welcome addition and nice nod to the comics.

The episode ends the way most superhero shows end… with the hero saving the day. Except this time Oliver in the Arrow Cave 2.0 with Diggle and Felecity decides, since a group of vigilante murderers took his name… The Hood (which he admits to hating), it is time for a “rebrand” and the episode closes out on a close up a a Green Arrow. I think the the addition of The Flash, and the horrific “Red Blue Blur” or simply “The Blur” from Smallville, Team Arrow has learned a thing or two about name the heroes with recognizable names.

Oh and one more thing… Black Canary swooped in to save the day! Starling City is sure growing into the place to be for masked heroes. More to come on her as we just got a small glimpse of her bad assery this week.

So that’s it, the season 2 premier of Arrow. What did you think? Did you watch? If not you can check it out online or on iTunes. So I’ll leave you with the question of the week… How long until Oliver is forced to kill?

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