New Shows Strengthening Sci-Fi Genre

New Shows Look to Expand the Sci-Fi Genre

In addition to anticipated return of last year’s shows, new shows aplenty will be littered across the major networks. With that said a handful of shows stand out to my inner geek and have me looking forward to spending some quality time on the couch, DVR controller in hand. Without further ado, here are my top five most anticipated new shows.

1) Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Far be it from me to stand proudly on my comic fan boy soap box, but this one will be numero uno on quite a few geek lists. Not only does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. resurrect one of the most beloved and quite underappreciated characters in the Marvel film franchise in Phil Coulson, it also solidifies just how on top of its game Marvel has been since Iron Man first blasted apart the box office. Television networks are historically quick to pull genre shows but I don’t think we have anything to worry about here as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is shaping up to be a runaway hit. Did I mention that Joss Whedon’s writing and directing the pilot episode? To paraphrase a line from the trailer, yeah, Marvel’s that good. Coulson and his new troupe storm the small screen on Tuesday September 24th @8pm on ABC

2) The Originals

Who would’ve thought The Vampire Diaries would have lasted as long as it has, let alone give birth to a spinoff series? As it stands, that’s what the show, coming into its 5th season, has done in The Originals. The primary baddies of Mystic Falls for the majority of the last three seasons, the siblings Klaus, Elijah, and Rebeka are taking their talents to the Big Easy. Run by Klaus’s former protégé Marcel, New Orleans opens up all sorts of doors the parent series has yet to touch on. A more adult version of Diaries is to be expected in this series with a special premiere on Thursday October 3rd @ 9pm on the CW.  Its normal time slot premiere is Tuesday October 8th @8pm.

3) The Blacklist

While the most recent news of James Spader being tapped as Ultron has made the waves across the net, this show would have made the cut regardless. The world’s most wanted man, Spader turns himself in to the FBI and is ready to provide his full cooperation and some serious intel on the world’s worst terrorists. The catch? He’ll only provide his services if rookie profiler, played by Megan Boone, is brought in. Spader exudes a Hannibal Lector-ish quality that is both creepy and compelling, and leaves us wondering what he has up his sleeve. We won’t have long to wait as The Blacklist begins Monday September 23rd @ 10pm on NBC.  

4) Almost Human

In the vein of the 90’s show, Mann and Machine, this sci-fi cop drama takes place 35 years into the future where human police officers are paired with android partners. Not overly original, true, but the big draw to this genre series is the principals. Karl Urban is human detective John Kennex who is less than enthused when he’s partnered with Dorian, an older model android played by Michael Ealy. Both actors’ past work gives me the confidence that this will be a very solid addition to Fox’s primetime lineup. If it’s given time by FOX to find its legs (I know, I know) then Almost Human could be the sci-fi replacement for Fringe. Almost Human blasts into the present on Monday, November 4th @ 8pm on FOX.

5) The Tomorrow People

In what feels like an amalgam of Heroes and X-Men, the CW’s new show pits those with burgeoning powers of telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis against the devil. Well, Mark Pellegrino may not actually be the devil, he just played one on Supernatural (along with his stint as baddie vampire in Being Human) but he’s the primary villain, created in the vein of HRG from Heroes, X-Men villain Bolivar Trask and Samuel L Jackson’s Roland from Jumper, he’s rounding up and killing those who’ve graduated from mere homo sapiens to something much bigger. Based on the initial trailer, the special effects looked top notch for the small screen and there will be a few twists along the way. It doesn’t hurt that Julie Plec and Greg Berlanti have already carved out a nice little track with The Vampire Diaries, Arrow and the upcoming Originals (see above).   The next stage in human evolution begins Wednesday October 9th @ 9pm on The CW.

Just missed the cut

  • Once Upon A Time in Wonderland—Thursday October 10th @ 8pm on ABC
  • Sleepy Hollow—Monday September 16th @ 9pm on FOX
  • Dracula—Friday October 25th @ 10pm on NBC
  • The 100—TBD 2013 on the CW
  • Intelligence—February 2014 on CBS

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