Fall TV 2013: Returning Shows

The Return of Television Favorites

Fall: that time of year when baseball’s marathon season is winding down and the pigskin starts flying on the gridiron as college football and the NFL kick into high gear. But for the small screen fanatics, September signifies something just as special: a new season of prime time television.

We’ve waited the long (and presumably fun) summer months, season finale cliffhangers leaving us wondering on the fates of our favorite heroes and heroines. Well, guys and gals, the wait is nearly over.

Most shows will kick off over the next thirty days but which ones have me chasing the laser pointer like a feline hopped up on catnip? Well, dear readers, here are the top five shows I’m most eagerly awaiting.

1) Supernatural—Season 9

After two less than stellar seasons, last year’s Supernatural got things back on track (thanks in part to new show runner Jeremy Carver) with tight stories and a jaw-dropping finale Supernatural fans expect. Castiel’s angelic grace was stolen by Metatron tareo cast the spell of all spells. Sam and Dean can only watch in awe as every single angel is expelled from Heaven. What does that mean for our heroic trio and Earth as Seraphs walk the Earth with no home to return to? We’ll find out when it returns on Tuesday Oct 8th at 9pm on the CW.

2) Arrow—Season 2

Despite a rather slow start to the season (a common theme among many new series) Arrow is a testament to what a super hero show should look like. Building the foundation is Amell, who portrays Oliver Queen/The Arrow with a gravitas befitting a hero archetype. Backed by a strong supporting cast and a slew of guest appearances from notable DC characters such as Deadshot, Huntress, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, and China White, Arrow has solidified itself as one of the best action/comic iterations in recent memory. The explosive finale left Star City in ruins and Oliver’s best friend, Tommy Merlyn, dead. What awaits our masked vigilante in the aftermath and the promise of more DC staples intensifies the anticipation for the show’s sophomore season. Arrow returns Wednesday Oct 9th at 8pm on the CW.

3) Vampire Diaries—Season 5

Similar to Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, based on a series of novels by L.J. Smith (preceding the Twilight craze by more than a decade) had a very auspicious start. It took most of season 1 for the series of two brothers in love with the same woman to find its stride. Since then, it’s been a fun ride as Stefan, Damon, and Elena have danced in the world’s most awkwardly fun love triangle. The finale saw the culmination of four years of ‘will she/won’t she’ when Elena laid all questions to rest and picked Damon. But things aren’t going to be all peachy as her best friend, Bonnie is dead, Katherine (Elena’s doppelganger) is human, and Stefan was given the Angel treatment by his mirror match. Mystic Falls has always been a place of weirdness and it’s only going to get bigger as the gang is once again faced with a foe more powerful than they can imagine. One thing that will be missing this year will be Klaus, Rebeka, and Elijah as the original siblings will be taking residence in New Orleans in their own spinoff, aptly titled The Originals. For its part though, Vampire Diaries will make its return Thursday Oct 3rd at 8pm on the CW

4) Revolution—Season 2

Ever wonder what our world would be like if one day the power was cut? This is the question raised in the NBC sci-fi drama, Revolution. Set fifteen years after the world went dark (with liberally sprinkled flashbacks embedded in the narrative) Revolution is the tale of a girl searching for her family as all around her the power struggle for dominance over what is left of the United States takes place, in a very Civil War-like atmosphere. Though the show itself started well, I had a bit of trouble warming to Charlie, the main character played by Tracey Spiridakos. Eventually, she won me over but the most interesting aspect of the show is the dynamic between former friends now enemy in Charlie’s uncle, Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) and Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons). Add to that a finale where the power was turned back on long enough for missiles to be fired towards the two primary forces in the US and the potential for all the nannites (the cause behind the Blackout) to set everything aflame, and you’ve got a serious case of what ifs. The Revolution spark reignites on Tuesday Sept 25th at 8pm on NBC

5) Once Upon a Time—Season 3

Who doesn’t like a good fairy tale? Add some modern day twists and you’ve got Once Upon a Time, the surprisingly successful and unique offering that puts well-known characters in a world of their own before the Evil Queen Regina transports everyone to our world. When we last left our group, enemies had become allies with Emma, Mary Margaret (Snow White), Dave (Prince Charming), Regina, Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin, and Captain Hook start the voyage to save Henry, Emma’s son, from Greg and Tamara. The duplicitous couple, whose purpose is to rid Earth of magic, fled with Henry to Neverland (and the OUaT in Wonderland spinoff). How long will the uneasy alliance between the best of heroes and the Evil Queen last? What will happen to Storybrooke while they’re gone? You’ll have to wait until Sunday Sept 29th @ 8pm on ABC.

Just missed the cut (2013 premieres)

  • Sons of Anarchy, Season 6—Tuesday Sept 10th, 10pm FX
  • Walking Dead, Season 4—Sunday Oct 13th, 10pm AMC
  • Grimm, Season 3—Friday Oct 25th, 9pm NBC

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