The Geek’s Guide to Cooking [Infographic]

Cooking for the 21st Century Boy (or Girl)

Think geeks are only equipped to cook frozen pizza? Think again! Measuring ingredients, comparing formulas, experimenting on your friends – it’s exactly like your high school chemistry class! Which you loved, because you’re a geek with a nerdy streak. Follow these steps to facilitate the sometimes-difficult transition from digital to analog.

Check out these 5 steps to get a leg up in the kitchen:

Step 1: Re-boot Your Geek Suit

Step 2: Inspect-Yr Gadgets

Step 3: Install These Programs

Step 4: Hack Your Cookbook

Step 5: Wunderbar!

Ok, now that you know the steps, check out the infographic below and see how to get from Step 1 to Step 5 in the geekiest way possible! I give you The Geek’s Guide to Cooking:

The Geeks Guide to Cooking Infographic