Star Trek vs Star Wars JJ Edition

J.J. Abrams Goes to War(s)

JJ Abrams Sets His Flares on Star Wars It’s official… in 2015 movie goers will be treated to J.J. Abrams version of an all new chapter in Star Wars, as he is set to produce and direct the much anticipated Episode VII. I foresee some pretty heated debates over Disney’s choice to reinvigorate the Star Wars movie universe. One side of this argument will come from Trekies, Trekers and all the Klingon speaking fan-boys & girls the world over, yelling to the heavens about how J.J. has betrayed them and the new Universe he started to build. Another set of detractor will come from the movie-going public that like to watch their movies free of blinding, scene destroying, lens flares and camera work so shaky you need to take motion sickness medicine before going to the theaters. Finally, the third part of this trinity will be the J.J. fans. The folks who love what he’s done with movies like Super 8, Cloverfield and Mission: Impossible 3, not to mention the legion of Felicity and Lost fans abound.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of J.J., I loved the new Star Trek but it felt more like a Star Wars movie, without the Force… like maybe how the battles went when those pesky Jedi and Sith weren’t there to mess it up. My mistrust for Abrams comes two films, Cloverfield and Super 8. Both films should have been the respective Godzilla and Close Encounters for the 21st century. However, both for pseudo-character driven dramas that followed groups that left your rooting for the monsters and aliens to eat them.

I’m more than happy to give him a chance at Star Wars, I’m really interested to see how he grabs fans from the start, then spins the wheels in the middle going nowhere and offering up a finale that is neither a conclusion or satisfying. Ok, that’s a little harsh but looking to the future of Star Wars let’s hope the goes more Clone Wars and less Phantom Menace. I’ve see a few posts and comments about how they expect this to be a relatively all-ages film, I disagree. Episode VII will undoubtedly attempt to be dark and poignant, with hints of humor; and I’m good with that.

Disney’s purchase of Star Wars is good for fans. The House of Mouse and Lucasfilms have been working together since George Lucas got into the space opera game in some form or another. That being said I’m excited to see what kinds of news, images and details are released to keep us off balanced in anticipation for 2015 and the release of Episode VII.