Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Its Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

50% of Consumers Find More Value in a Brand’s Facebook Page than Website!

About 82% of respondents said Facebook page is a good place to interact with brands. But one of the top reasons to follow a brand on Facebook is to print coupons and discounts. The study revealed that 77% of those who “Like” a brand on Facebook have saved money as a result.

Consumers (73%) also noted that they have no issue with un-Liking a brand on the site if they post too often.

For a full look at how a brand’s Facebook presence is viewed and valued, check out the infographic from Lab42 below.


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I was interested to see how easily people are persuaded on-line -- 69% of people 'like' something just because their friend does. Why does technology stop people from thinking for themselves? Sorry, I got into a bit of a rant there ;)


That's a great point... but people have NOT been thinking for themselves for as longs as marketing as existed. Just look at the ads for tobacco products up until the 70's. It is not a rant when you're right :o)