The Vampire Diaries: Disturbing Behavior (Review)

The Vampire Diaries: Disturbing Behavior

Off the heels of the flashback-centric episode, “The End of the Affair”, the vampire trio of Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Stefan (Paul Wesley), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) are still in Chicago, searching for answers on why Klaus’s hybrid plan didn’t work. Well, Stefan already knows and, despite having his memories of 20’s with the Originals siblings, he’s keeping that under wraps. He may be in full ripper status but is still going to do everything in his power to protect Elena (Nina Dobrev).

Speaking of everyone’s favorite damsel, Ms. Elena’s trying her best to forget Stefan’s last words. Not quite sure she’s on the road to recovery, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has stayed by her side. In a scene that depicts just how cozy the two are starting to get, they banter playfully in the kitchen as Elena prepares chili for yet another town gathering (don’t they get tired of these?). The look that passes between them says just as much, if not more, than any kiss they could share and Alaric (Matthew Davis) is witness to it all. Taking responsibility as Elena’s protector, he warns Damon to take “a beat” from Elena. Imagine a lion being told to back away from the hobble gazelle and you probably have a good picture of just how receptive Damon is to Alaric’s ‘suggestion’.

Damon's had it with Elena trying to turn him into someone he's not.

Damon’s temperament isn’t helped by the fact that Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman), Caroline’s (Candice Accola) Dad, is demanding his place on the council. While his argument that the council has been corrupted is accurate—a statement Alaric agrees with, something that doesn’t put him in Damon’s favor—his motives and actions are more than a little sketchy. Mr. Salvatore’s frustrations are exacerbated by Bill’s resistance to compulsion. Never known as Mr. Rational, Damon takes matter into his own hands with Alaric as a temporary victim of his anger. It comes to a head with Damon taking a bite out of Bill before Caroline comes to her dad’s rescue.

A quick side note: this isn’t Twilight. Younger vampires are not stronger or faster than their aged brethren. Caroline being able to fight off Damon, even if only for a minute, more than a bit unreal (yes, I know this is a show about witches, werewolves and vampires but that’s so not the point!). Angry or not, she’d have as much of a chance against him as a lion cub would its mother.

Back to the action; Elena’s a bit incensed not only at Damon’s treatment of Alaric (he’s kind of immortal…so what if he gets his neck snapped?!) but also his solution to the Bill Forbes problem. Their argument leads to the crux of Damon’s frustration: despite their increasing chumminess, Elena has been unconsciously steering Damon in the direction of good, brooding vampire, a la Stefan. Yes, he wants Elena but not at the cost of being nothing more than a stand in. When she talks to Caroline about it, Elena admits that she has been trying to change Damon, to become better, yes, but not without reason. It is the second of her admissions that “Delana” fans have been waiting for; she wants him, is attracted to him on so many levels but she cannot admit it aloud (though you pretty much did, silly girl) because, she’s concerned about just how she would look to those around her and to herself.

Throughout it all, Jeremy is dealing with his own issues. Having visions of dead girlfriends Vicki and Anna (Malese Jow) dancing around in his head since Bonnie (Kat Graham) resurrected him in last year’s finale, he’s doing more than sightseeing. Anna, his vampire crush from season one, was able to reach him. A favorite of mine, Malese Jow’s return is a pleasant surprise. I’m not sure just how far her role will go—especially since Jeremy decided to tune her out—but his lingering feelings for her coupled with her warnings has me thinking she will be a fixture for some plot arc creeping up before her.

In Chicago, Stefan tries to remain one step ahead of Klaus, keeping his knowledge of Rebekah’s necklace to himself. Katherine warns him not to underestimate Klaus’s intelligence but Stefan thinks he’s in the clear. Things change when Gloria discovers Stefan’s secret and attempts bleeding the necklace’s location (apparently it’s quite the powerhouse as a talisman). Katherine saves him but not long after he steps in it again when Rebekah surmises that he’s not “all-in” with team Klaus. Stefan is rewarded for his deception with a return field trip to Mystic Falls.

Rating: B+

Vampire Bites:
  • I really like the addition of Rebekah to the show. Though my previous thoughts on her being an obstruction between Stefan and Elena look to be incorrect, her nearly preternatural ability to see the truth in things will provide some very interesting fodder.
  • Katherine is doing a scary good job portraying Elena. She completely fooled Bonnie and had Damon blinded as well. Ever the one for fun, she’s gotten a pouting Damon to join her on her little escapade.
  • Stefan needs to listen to Katherine. He’s not quite as sneaky as he believes himself to be. He’s dealing with millennia old creatures; his hundred plus years of conniving are pedestrian in comparison. He does bring up Michael; seemingly the one person Klaus actually fears.
Killer Lines:
  1. “You killed me.” (Alaric)
  2. “You pissed me off.” (Damon)
  3. “I can’t Caroline. If I admit it, if I have even thought of it for a second…what will they say about me?” (Elena to Caroline on her feelings for Damon)
  4. “I am not Stefan! How about you stop trying to turn me into him!” (Damon to Elena)
  5. “Just because you and I are on okay terms doesn’t mean I’m suddenly a big advocate of your lifestyle.” (Sheriff Forbes
  6. “Is that what you told him when you got divorced?” (Damon)

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