The Vampire Diaries Scorecard for the Return of the Thursday Threeway

The Vampire Diaries Scorecard for the Return of the Thursday Threeway

Vampire Diaries Season 3 PromoAfter four months of waiting, the season three premiere of The Vampire Diaries is less than 24 hours away. For the second year in a row, the supernatural drama has left the audience screaming for more with a season finale up to par with genre master Eric Kripke and his Supernatural creation. Only three days separate fans from being reunited with the tantalizing triumvirate of the Salvatore brothers, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and their love, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). And if this season starts with the blistering pace of the show’s second stanza, fans will not be disappointed.

Picking up where the first finale left off, season two’s premiere, “The Return” officially introduced Katherine to the show. The Salvatore brothers’ maker, first love and all-around trouble maker, Katherine is also a distant relative to Elena, the show’s main protagonist. More than that, the two are dopplegangers; physically alike in every facet save for Katherine’s obvious vampiric nature. This bloodline connection makes Elena integral in breaking of the Sun & Moon curse. The basic premise behind this purported curse enacted by shamans a thousand years ago was to limit the power of vampires and werewolves, restricting them from sunlight and changing by the full moon, respectively. We don’t find out until later, the curse is nothing but a hoax. Elijah (Daniel Gillies), one of the Originals searching for Elena, tells her this much, admitting the false history of the curse was fabricated by his brother, Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

Though his is Elijah’s younger half-brother Klaus’s true nature comes to light late in the series. Of both werewolf and vampire bloodline, Klaus’s werewolf side was cursed by witches to remain dormant as if both were active, he would become an abomination of nature, an amalgam of both creatures’ strengths with none of their weaknesses. Despite the efforts of the Salvatores and their allies, Klaus is ultimately successful as he completes the ritual and, at the same time, receives Stefan’s fealty for Klaus saving Damon (he was poisoned by a werewolf bite).

Though Klaus’s machinations—craftily shrouded in mystery through most of the season—several ancillary pieces of the drama are opened up along the way. Isobel, Elena’s mother, plays an integral part in the first half of the season, manipulating all those around Elena at Klaus’s behest. Caroline (Candice Accola), vamped by Katherine as payback for Stefan’s interference, slowly becomes comfortable in her new skin. Werewolves, hinted at during the first season, become a major part of the series, first with Mason Lockwood’s (Taylor Kinney) arrival and culminating with Tyler’s startling transformation. Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) ascension to power, as well as her discovery of those like her will continue to be a major factor in her development, as well as her blossoming relationship with Elena’s brother Jeremy (Steven R McQueen).

Yet with all the secondary storylines, the show’s focal point still lies with the relationship between Damon, Stefan and Elena. While Elena is in love with Stefan, her feelings for Damon are no less real, something she finally admits to herself as she watches Damon wither away from the poison of the werewolf bite. Though their moments together were sparse in season one, season two was filled with various scenes between the two. Ever the impulsive one, Damon does himself no favors, often taking two step backwards for every positive gain in their relationship. There is no doubt Elena wants to trust and be friends with Damon but his impulsiveness doesn’t make it the easiest thing for her to do. Snapping Jeremy’s neck and feeding Elena his blood—despite his rationale behind the latter—were the hardest things for her to handle and nearly ended any hope of being friends with her. As the season went on though, the bad ass Damon took a back seat to a more sensitive and, at times, totally emo version that, based on message boards, was not a rousing favorite of fans.  While showing a different side to him was necessary, the writers will need to be careful not to dilute the character too much from his original persona. The brothers’ relationship will always be volatile but their loyalty to one another will never be in question, as their love and desire to protect Elena.

Where season one of The Vampire Diaries focused on laying the foundation for character motivations, season two twisted all that on its head, added a bit of mythos, and introduced werewolves and more witches. Season three goes a step further, removing Stefan from Mystic Falls and through Elena and Damon together for an extended amount of time. Will they end up giving into the attraction and unresolved tension between them or will their desire to find Stefan solidify their bond as friends who in their hearts could be more but can never be? Tune into The CW Thursday at 8pm to find out…

Burning Questions:

1)    How will having Stefan out of their lives for a few months effect Damon and Elena’s relationship?

2)    How will Stefan’s time as his “ripper” alter ego change his personality as a whole? Will the ramifications of guilt for what he’s done make it even more difficult for him to reconcile with Damon and Elena?

3)    Is Jeremy’s new abilities—seeing his former flames Anna and Vicki—a blessing or a curse?

4)    Just what is Klaus’s end game? He’s already become that which he desired—what more is there left for him to do?

Season Two Character Study:

What did we learn about our favorite characters in season two? Who’s returning and who are the dearly departed? A look at some of the major characters from last season. Note: any reference to “the ritual” is the one Klaus performs to free his dormant werewolf side.

Mystic Falls Staples:

Elena Gilbert—Caught in the crossfire between Originals, her Salvatore boys, and all other manner of supernatural, by season’s end, Elena has become a true heroine, taking risks, making the hard decisions and saving lives. Her relationship with the Salvatore brothers continues to develop, most especially the connection with Damon she’s fought for so long. Season three opens with her and Damon still searching for Stefan and just how much the connection between her and Damon has grown since the end of season two will be something to watch.

Stefan Salvatore—Courtesy of flashbacks, we got to see a different side of Stefan. Dubbed a “ripper”, Stefan was a bloodthirsty killer who was responsible for Damon turning. He ends up trading his freedom to Klaus to save his brother. Stefan leaves Mystic Falls with Klaus, now firmly ensconced in his previous “ripper” persona.

Damon Salvatore—A veritable bad ass when he first strolls into town, Damon has probably changed the most during season two. To go along with his impulsive acts mentioned above, he’s also shown that he truly has a heart. Where that will lead with Elena will be a major factor in season three.

Bonnie Bennett—Elena’s best friend, Bonnie is a direct descendent of Emily Bennett. Her power grows throughout the season and she ends up falling in love with Jeremy. Though she has the power to destroy Klaus, things do not end

Tyler Lockwood—Matt’s best friend and once bully to Jeremy, Tyler ends up falling to the Lockwood curse, becoming a werewolf. His character goes through a profound change, falling for Caroline as they both struggle with their new conditions. Though almost losing her by betraying the Salvatore’s, he and Caroline make up at the end of the season, a reconciliation that could go much further in season three.

Jeremy Gilbert—Elena’s adopted brother, Jeremy is kept in the dark for sometime about the events in Mystic Falls. He ends up falling for Bonnie, who revives him after Sherriff Forbes accidentally shoots him. The end result is of him seeing two ghosts, Anna and Vicki, two of his former loves.

Matt Donovan—Elena’s ex-boyfriend, Matt is an all-around good guy. Losing his sister, Vicki, in season one was difficult, especially when her remains are found this season. He discovers that more is going on in the town than he first believed, only confirmed when Caroline admits it all to him. He breaks up with her at the end of the season, unable to cope with her condition and his new knowledge.

Alaric Saltzman—A history teacher at the high school, Alaric is also a vampire hunter. He becomes a part of the team, often finding information others could not. He even becomes friends with Damon, the vampire who turned his wife, as well as a father figure to Jeremy and Elena. Alaric dated Jenna, who was killed during the ritual.

Caroline Forbes—A friend of Elena and Bonnie, Caroline is turned by Katherine as a dig to Stefan. As time goes on, she becomes bonded to Stefan, who becomes her surrogate mentor, falls for Matt and, later befriends Tyler as he goes through his werewolf change. By season’s end, she has become a true hero, and a much deeper and stronger character.

Be Seeing You Soon:

Katherine Petrova—Hearing so much about her in the first season, we got to see the convining Katherine at her best. Despite her machinations, it appears that she’s on the side of the good guys. For now…

Klaus—Having witches in one’s employ to go with being the baddest creature on the planet now that the curse has been removed, it appears that Klaus has an even greater end game as he leaves Mystic Falls with Stefan as his herald.

The Dearly Departed:

Isobel Flemming—Elena’s biological mother and Alaric’s wife, Isobel was turned of her own free will by Damon. She has known and worked with Katherine in the past though her and John Gilbert continued to protect Elena behind the scenes. She ends up doing several tasks for Klaus (under compulsion) before taking her own life at his behest.

Mason Lockwood—The former mayor’s brother, Mason comes to town to pay his respects. He stays in town for a bit before being found out by Damon. Mason has no problems with vampires, wanting to stay out of their way though his is not an innocent, working with Katherine to obtain the moonstone she once possessed. He ends up with his heart torn out by Damon.

Rose—On the run from Elijah with her best friend, Trevor, for more than 500 years, she provided Katherine her vampire blood to escape Klaus. She ends up helping Elena and the Salvatores, even becoming Damon’s paramour. The latter is short lived as she succumbs to Jules’s werewolf bite, dying in Damon’s arms.

Jules—She comes to town after Mason Lockwood disappears and is found out by the Salvatores. Along with her lover Brady, she brings her pack to town in an attempt to kill the Salvatores. Only she escapes and Tyler ends up following her out of town. She returns though, and is used for the werewolf component of Klaus’s ritual.

Luka Martin—Banding with his father, Luka’s primary concern was getting to his sister. He befriends Bonnie—though at first under false pretense—and appears to have deeper feelings for her. He died attempting to pull the white oak stake from Elijah’s heart when Damon sets his astral spirit aflame, burning Luka’s true body.

Dr. Jonas Martin—He took up arms with Elijah in an attempt to rescue Greta from Klaus. He is killed by Stefan but not before giving Bonnie back her powers as well as the key to killing Klaus for good.

Greta Martin—Willingly working with Klaus, Greta is one of several witches in the Original’s servitude. She is killed by Damon during the ritual.

Jenna Sommers—Elena and Jeremy’s aunt who became their legal guardian after their parents were killed, she eventually fell in love with Alaric Saltzman. She was but another victim of Klaus, turned into a vampire before being killed in the ritual.

John Gilbert—Elena’s biological father and first love to Alaric’s former wife, John will do anything he can to protect his daughter from the vampire scourge. John gives up his life, though, to bring Elena back to life after Klaus successfully performs the ritual to break the Petrova curse.

Elijah—The first Original on the show, Elijah can walk in daylight, survive a traditional stake through the heart and compel other vampires. Trusting his brother Klaus, though, was a mistake and he suffered the same fate as the rest of his family. (Though not truly dead, Elijah will be out of commission until the stake is removed from his heart).

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