Job Searching with Social Media (Infographic)

Looking for a job using social media can really increase your chances for finding the job of your dreams. Of course if you aren’t responsible about what you post and where you post it you are just as likely to cost yourself that dream job. The Infographic below states 92% of hiring managers in 2010 used or planed to use social media as a recruiting tool.

Believe me, branding yourself on social media sites (especially LinkedIn) can land you that dream job.

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  1. Bryan Do   •  

    cool. let’s invest on our online prosperity

  2. Daniel Johnson, Jr.   •  

    Nice graphic, Brian! I wonder what exactly is meant by “employer-friendly” aside from inappropriate pictures taken from someone’s party – that’s obvious.

    • briantudor   •     Author

      DJJ hey! You know, you don’t want to be too vulgar or foul… if you are looking for a new position you probably don’t want to post anything you wouldn’t want repeated. That’s just my thoughts… be respectful and intelligent when you post/share/+1 and you won’t provide ammunition against yourself.

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