Smallville: The End

superman symbolFor the past 10 years we have had the opportunity to see a re-imagined look at what it would be like for Clark Kent to grow into his powers in the modern world (for another look at a young Clark Kent becoming Superman check out my review of Superman: Earth One… HERE). Now Smallville has had it’s up and downs like most shows, but unlike most shows Smallville has been slow to progress the story. Clark Kent has been in a stage of arrested development for the past three seasons. To be honest, if seasons 7, 8 and 9 hadn’t been $9.99 each around Christmas in 2010 I wouldn’t own them. I’ve said it before, but Smallville did a huge disservice to itself when it: 1) Killed off Jonathan Kent, the heart and soul of the show; and 2) Stopped having Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum in scenes together.

John Scheider brought a lot to the show, but what he brought most was the ideal of what a hero should be. He was flawed and brave and angry and empathetic all at the same time, but when he was written of the show it left a hole that has never been filled. As for Welling and Rosenbaum, they helped each other grow as actors, Welling went from mugging for the camera to being excellent both in front of and behind the character. Rosenbaum learned to help elevate his fellow actors, rather than simply stealing the scene he learned who to coax the best performance out of whoever he was sharing screen time. A good non-Smallville example; Rosenbaum’s guest starring role on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the first season as the gun-toting, bar robber.

So much to my enjoyment in last night’s series finale we got to see both! Jonathan Kent was back, pushing Clark to move past his insecurities and embrace who he is, who he was and who he will be, it was a magical scene. The scene Clark and Lex shared at the Luthor mansion made me long for the days when these two reluctant friends were continually trying to make each other better, coming from different points of view of course.

Smallville is over, it definitely went out on a high note. I really felt like the final season was uneven at best, but when it was on it was the best storytelling and acting we’ve seen on this show yet. The series finale did it’s job, it wrapped up pretty much all the main storylines and gave us glasses, tights and flight. The surprise from the finale… I WANT MORE! I was totally ready to say goodbye last night, but dang it I want to see the story continue. I want to see how Tom Welling pulls off the suit, I did find it interesting/cool we didn’t get a real full view of Tom as Superman. Of course, there is no mention of Superman, which I found equally cool.

I’m a little sad, this will be my last Smallville post, I have really enjoyed the ride and can honestly say I didn’t miss an episode of the longest running Superman show.The finale had some great highlights, I already talked about Lex/Clark and Jonathan Kent, but I want to give a special shout out to the ladies of Smallville. Chloe  has been one of the corner stones of Smallville and she was missed for the majority of the season, it was nice to see her happy ending. I do question how wise it is to show her little boy Superman’s secret identity. Next, Lois Lane.

Erica Durance, what can I say about her? She brought a lot of Lois Lane, she is the most beautiful actress to take on the role yet. She brought Lois’s determination and spunk to an entirely new level. Lois Lane has always been unstoppable, but for the first time ever Durance’s live action Lois Lane was a force of nature. I can’t wait to see what she does next in her career. Finally, Tess Mercer.

Cassidy Freeman was the best addition Smallville made throughout the entire run of the series. When Tess was first introduced, you never knew where her loyalties lay. As the series went on and the character grew we learned she is a Luthor. We learned she is an agent of Checkmate. We learned she is a hero. No character sacrificed more than Tess, she saved and protected the group more than any of them will ever know. I was really happy with the way Tess went out, she got her final kick ass fight scene showing off some of that old Checkmate training. The in her final act of heroism she insured the newly resurrected Lex Luthor would not know the secret of Clark Kent.

Speaking of Lex… how cool and grotesque is the idea of Franken-Lex? I say very cool! Of course Lex had a contingency in the case of his death, but going so far as to create a patch work Luthor; awesome! I especially liked the idea that he could not recreate the heart, trying to get Tess’s heart was ideal for Lionel. He didn’t count on Tess being such a fighter. Giving his heart to Lex as his final act was not entirely selfless, it insures part of Lionel will live on as well.

Ok, I’ve droned on enough, I was happy with the finale. That is all you need to know. Was it perfect? No. What it did though was send Clark and the Gang out into the world to be the heroes they have been teasing for 10 seasons. I haven’t deleted Smallville from my DVR’s season pass yet, I’m not ready to move on just yet. I think this fall I will miss Smallville on my TV each Friday night. For now, I’ll hit up iTunes for the Finale so I can can make sure to add it to my digital library.

Well, that’s it. Thanks for everyone who followed along this season with me, I’ll have to take a closer look at what is coming out next fall to replace Smallville, so leave your comment below on what show you’d like to see me cover. I know this summer I’m looking forward to checking Falling Skies!

Goodbye Smallville, thanks for 10 seasons of superhero awesome!

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Yep, for all its ups and downs, Smallville will be missed.