Smallville: Booster (Review)

Smallville: Booster (Review)

Booster Gold SmallvilleFinally, Booster Gold has come to Smallville! Eric Martsolf was perfectly cast as the “hero” for hire from the 25th century. Rather than recap another filler episode, I’m just going to break down my thoughts for this week’s episode: Booster.

Clark & Lois:

Watching Lois give Clark Bumbling Geek 101 lessons was really funny. Watching Clark struggle with his feelings for Lois and the fear of going back to who he was back at Smallville High, was some of the best work Tom Welling has done as Clark Kent.

Kat Grant:

Enough of Kat Grant on Smallville! Keri Lynn Pratt is an ok actress, but Kat Grant is supposed to be anything but a rube. Of all the questionable characters that have been added to Smallville over the years, she is the one I wish I could delete.

Ted Kord:

Sebastian Spence was the perfect choice for Ted Kord, I really hope we see more of him in the next few episodes, if not perhaps we could see him in spinoff of some kind? The mention of Dan Garret was really cool, if you know know he was the original Blue Beetle in the comic books, and he used the Scarab that Ted Kord could never actually get to work.

The Blue Beetle:

The addition of the Blue Beetle = Love. The look of the Blue Beetle = Hate. Plain and simple, I didn’t like the test footage that hit the web months ago and I wasn’t super impressed with the finished product. Oh well, only 3 episodes to go in the final season. Jaren Brandt Bartlett was good as Jaime Reyes, and watching him struggle inside the Blue Beetle suit was pretty cool. To paraphrase a Vanilla Ice term, he was a Zero that went to wannabe Hero, convincing Ted Kord to let him learn to become a real superhero. If there were more Smallville I would say we would see more of the young Mr. Reyes in the future… alas, no.

Booster Gold:

Michael Jon Carter, disgraced sports hero from the 25th century travels back in time with a stolen Legion Flight Ring and Super Suit to became a superhero to gain the fame and fortune eluding him in his own time. OMG! This was spot on.  For the most part the look of Booster’s Power Suit was right on, my only gripe… his sunglasses. They just looked off, I would have loved to see him in a pair of Oakley glasses with golden lenses. I know the picked the glasses they did so we could see Martsolf’s eyes, but if I had to be critical of something it would be the glasses (but that is not a deal breaker). Booster realizing he can’t come back and take over for Clark Kent was interesting and very Booster Gold. Oh, and before I forget… SKEETS! While he wasn’t a flying computer aid, having him included as a futuristic bluetooth headset was perfect for Smallville. Eric Martsolf was so good it’s not even funny, I have been asking for a Green Arrow spinoff forever, but now I kind of want a Booster Gold series. Make it happen CW!

The Episode:

Too much filler! At least this was good filler, if they aren’t going to move the story on they why not dip into the deep end of the DCU roster. No mention of Darkseid. No Green Arrow. However, we did get to see Clark become a mild mannered version of himself , so it’s not a total loss. I’m glad to see the ‘No Glasses’ Rule was broken, now time to break the ‘No Tight, No Flight’ Rule.

Oh a special shout out to Tom Welling for directing this episode, it was one of the best episodes this season. Regardless what Welling ends up doing after Smallville ends he will be very successful, he has grown tremendously as an actor, director and producer; so thanks for 10 years of awesome Tom!

Ok, that is all for Booster, next week Zod returns from the Phantom Zone to wage war on the Man of Steel. Until then “Like” this post or leave your comments below, and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Grade: A-

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I love the way they portrayed Booster Gold in this episode of Smallville!