Smallville: Kent (Review)

Smallville: Kent (Review)

Smallville KentSmallville is back! After a second long hiatus here in the final season our fledging Superman and his pals return in the episode ‘Kent’. ‘Kent’ is the follow up to the episode ‘Luthor’ from earlier this season when Clark was transported to and alternate reality where he was found and raised by Lionel Luthor.

In ‘Kent’ Clark Luthor comes back into the regular Smallville universe, sending Clark Kent back to his, while reek havoc in this world, in particular with Tess Mercer.

This post is going to be short and sweet. I would have loved this episode if it were flipped with ‘Scion’. After being gone for several weeks Smallville came back with some filler. Now, yes it was a good episode and yes I did enjoy watching. However, I expected to see more built upon from the final scene in ‘Scion’ when Lionel and Darkseid had their confab in the cemetery.

That is all I can really muster for this review, I am pretty disappointed. With only a handful of episodes left we continue to get filler. Why even introduce Darkseid at the beginning of the season? It is Doomsday all over again.

I’ll have more next week when one of my personal favorites, Booster Gold, makes his way to Metropolis from the future to be the hero for the people. Until then like this post or leave your comments below and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Grade: B

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