Smallville Alum Nabs Lois Lane Role in the New Superman: Man of Steel

Zack Snyder finally picked Superman’s leading lady and it is none other than… Amy Adams. Adams is not a new comer to the Superman Universe, having guest stared as Kryptonite Freak of the Week Jodi Melville in the season  episode Craving when her Kryptonite fueled diet caused her to crave human fat to sustain her.

I am very excited for this addition to the cast, I’m actually pretty stoaked about all of Snyder’s casting choices so far. I can’t help but see Christoper Nolan’s guiding hand in picking some of the substance over flash and style choices (if only the Green Lantern film had been so lucky).

No all we have left to find out is who will be Superman’s villain, as long as it is not Lex Luthor I will be pleased. I would like to see someone different battling it out with Supes though, maybe Lobo, Cyborg Superman or Brainiac?

Amy Adams is Lois Lane

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