Smallville: Scion (Review)

Smallville: Scion (Review)

Superboy Smallville ScionSuperboy! Smallville took a huge leap forward in the story of Superman in the all new episode Scion. While the Smallville Powers That Be kept to the basic origins of Superboy, his existence before Clark is even Superman seems like a bit of a rush (but then again so did “killing off” Lex Luthor).

To say this episode is filler would not be fair, it wouldn’t be a lie, but it would be fair. There was plenty of story to go around, and it wasn’t just an episode of wheel spinning like last week’s very fun episode. However, if not for the final scene (which you have to watch for yourself I refuse to spoil it) I would have called ‘Scion’ 100% pure unadulterated grade-A filler, but since it wasn’t I’ll drop it.

Now I know having Lionel back is what facilitates this episode, but I can’t help but think this would have worked much better as a season 9 episode to go along with the Zod and his merry band of Kryptonian followers.

I really liked the casting of Lucas Grabeel as Conner, of course he’s been at the Lex thing since 2006 (where he played Lex Luthor in the episode Reunion), so he’s not new to the Smallville universe, but still a good choice as Conner. He had the right mix of innocent and creepy to pull off being half Lex and half Clark.

I know this episode was supposed to be the big Lionel vs. Tess smackdown for all the Luthor gold, but I was more disappointed (and a little bored) by that storyline. We had like 6 seasons of all that posturing between Lionel and Lex, it just felt forced and a little unneeded in this case. Perhaps because I felt Cassidy Freeman and John Glover have very little on screen chemistry, it was hard to buy her as the jilted and abandoned daughter.Where as the scenes with Glover and Grabeel seemed to work really well and brought some energy to the episode for the same reasons the Tess and Lionel interactions didn’t seem to work.

Since I don’t want to spoil too much of this episode this is where I’m going to leave you, but make sure you check this episode out and pay special attention to the last 5 minutes. Oh, and don’t forget Smallville won’t return with new episodes until Friday April 15, 2011 at 8:00 pm EST.

Grade: B+

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You're right, Brian, about Lucas Grabeel. He infused pieces of Clark and Lex into his performance that highlighted the character's heritage. As far as the Lionel and Tess struggle, I had no interest in that specific plot line whatsoever. Though I knew what was at stake, it never really felt that way. I don't know if it was because I'm comparing it to the wonderful scenes between Lionel and Lex, but it felt, well, boring. I did like this episode though it was not perfect at all. It was fun and hinted at what's to come (not only as a potential spin-off but for the rest of this season).