Justified: The Moonshine War (Review)

Justified: The Moonshine War (Review)

Justified Season 2 Promo PosterJustified is back! Oh yes it is back. Did I need to say that twice? Probably not, but deal with it I’m excited. Raylan Givens is one of my favorite TV characters, it was nice to have him return to my TV (on the same night Coach Taylor and family went away no less).

The Moonshine War picked up right were Season 1 ended, with Raylan, Boyd Crowder and Ava pinned down by the Cartel gun thugs (or is it gunthugs? regardless it’s one of my new favorite words), and went from there, all the way to Miami and a confrontation with the Cartel head and some nice threats and cooperation from Raylan’s old boss.

Before I get too deep into talking about the episode I want to share one of my favorite parts of Justified. I love Raylan’s interactions with the Kentucky folk. I just love the way he can talk to any of them, from Lexington crime boss to a foot hills gun thug. Timothy Olyphant’s ability to blend into any role is the real testament to this character. His ability to be approachable and intimidating all at the same time is pretty cool.

You don’t need me to recap the entire episode I would just end up spoiling some of the better parts. The season 2 premiere of Justified can be boiled down to one simple fact, just watch it. Justified is a great show, you’ll be happy to watch and look forward to each and every Wednesday night at 10 PM EST.

Grade: A

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