Supernatural: Like a Virgin (Review)

Supernatural: Like a Virgin (Review)

supernatural season 6 episode 12 like a virginJust as the song suggests, for the first time in nearly two months (or more accurately, this entire season) the boys are back in the saddle. After enduring sub-par episodes wondering just what the hell was wrong with Sam (Jared Paalecki), we finally got our answers in “Caged Heat”; he was walking around, Angelus 2.0, sans the fangs. But, with the help of Death, Dean (Jensen Ackles) & Co restore Sam’s missing spark. The only thing left would be just how the return of Sam’s soul would affect him and, in turn, those around him.

That question is answered the moment Sam wakes up from his “got my soul back” nap and continues throughout the episode. After getting an after-nap meal, the brothers’ investigate the disappearance of several girls (virgins) and gold. Not too long after talking to a girl that wasn’t taken (her partner “didn’t count”), thanks to the internet and World of Warcraft, the brothers are pointed in the direction of real live dragons being involved. Despite not believing in their existence (Really fellas? Haven’t you realized that everything pretty much exists?!), Bobby (Jim Beaver) suggests the boys hit up one Dr. Visyak(Kim Johnston Ulrich), whose specialty lies in dragon lore. Notwithstanding a woman-scorned grudge against Bobby, she explains that it’s been more than 700 years since a dragon has been spotted. Knowing that the sword is their only weapon and Dean’s failure to remove it King Arthur style, she reluctantly capitulates to Dean’s plan of blasting it out of the stone. The result? Well, let’s just say that while he gets the sword, it would be prudent to never, ever let Dean near priceless artifacts incased in stone, while toting explosives. Just a thought.

During Dean’s road trip Sam is given the 411 on his condition last year or so by an unknowing Castiel(Misha Collins). (Quick aside: I know angels don’t know ALL but from the way Castiel finds things out, it seems that he would’ve known that Sam didn’t know…just saying.) He is horrified at his actions and it takes a single glance at his pain-filled eyes to verify that this is, indeed, our Sam.

When Dean returns, shortened version of sword in hand, they track the dragons to the sewers where they’re able to rescue the damsels while dispatching one of the mythic creatures (in human guise) though the other escapes.

Back at Bobby, Sam apologies to Dean for everything that he’d done when de-souled, explaining that he feels a need to make amends for his actions against both Dean and Bobby. Dean is adamant that he not try, noting the danger of Sam scratching that “itch” Death warned them about—it’s the only thing between Sam and the memories of his soul’s torments in the Box. Sam reminds his brother that if Dean were in his position, he’d want to do the same. Bobby calls the brothers in, translating what he can of the dragon diary. It’s a how-to manual of sorts for opening the gates of Purgatory and letting something out: “Mother of All” is the only clue that the have. This Mother has been mentioned before; some ancient lore has coined Lilith as the mother of all monsters/demons, though others have been given that name as well. Considering she died at the end of season four, a sacrifice to free Lucifer from his cage and Purgatory is the resting place of dark souled creatures, it suggests to me that the thing pulled out of the pit was none other than Lilith.

Theories of Mother aside, this was the most complete Supernatural episode of the year in terms of meshing all the elements that made the first five years so spectacular. I will reserve judgment until the next few weeks pass, but hope is burgeoning that they are finally on the right track.

The Good:
  • Supernatural is back…nuff said!
  • I know it’s only one episode, but the Sam & Dean chemistry we’ve been missing all season was back in full force. Unlike the interactions with Soulless Sam, their vibe completely natural, nothing stilted, or awkward about it.  
  • We are given a teaser to just what this whole race for Purgatory has been about. Where does that lead us for the rest of the season?

The Bad:
  • While we did get dragons, we never got to see them in their native form. I’m guessing this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of them, thus their scales, tails and wings form should be on the schedule.
  • Okay, I know our boys had the weapons to take these creatures on but it seemed a tad bit too easy (similar to how they took out a nest of vamps with so few casualties). While it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of this episode, the fight itself was lacking.
The Supernatural:
  • Dragons. It’s always cool when we get a new monster teed up for the boys to take on. Too bad we didn’t see a bit more of them.
  • We finally got our first glimpse of Purgatory and it looked more like Hell than Hell did when Michael and Lucifer tumbled in (though Hell is more an absence of God’s light than fire and brimstone so…)
  • The Sword in the Stone was a nice touch. The writers always do a bang up job exploring mythical lore and making it relevant to their stories.