Smallville: Collateral (Review)

Smallville: Collateral (Review)

Smallville Collateral ChloeGuess who’s back? Back again? Smallville’s back, tell a friend… umm… ok sorry about that ;0)

After The CW’s crappy delay of the return to the final season of Smallville our thirst for superheroes is quenched once more. Smallville: Collateral picks up soon after the end of Smallville: Icarus with our wayward Justice League in the clutches of the VRA (Vigilante Registration Act) soldiers. Who is it to the rescue, of Clark and the gain? That’s right Chloe Sullivan, and she is getting her Neo on.

Who did we see in this episode? All the regulars: Clark, Lois, Ollie. Then there was the return of Black Canary, Rick Flag, Deadshot and the above mentioned Ms. Chloe Sullivan. Chloe we find out is now leading the Suicide Squad and getting her hack on to free the Justice League from the clutches of VRA and their tech keeping our heroes at bay. Chloe finds a way to enter the “Matrix” in order to free the minds of those imprisoned.

The similarities to the Matrix not withstanding, this was quite the episode. Seeing Chloe finally step into the role of full fledged Oracle was pretty freaking sweet. I know there are those out there who have see Chloe as an annoyance more than an asset to the Smallville Universe, but I have always enjoyed her character and Allison Mack’s portrayal (let’s not forget the real problem with Smallville over the years was Lana Lang and her ridiculous antics throughout the years. A vampire and kryptonite junkie, really?). Chloe is to this Justice League what Martian Manhunter was to the animated Justice League Unlimited, the heart and soul and I say, ‘Welcome back!”

Smallville Collateral Flag ShotWhile the Darkseid storyline was not touched upon, and you can argue Clark may or may not have taken a step or two more towards his Super-Destiny, this episode hopefully puts the Marvel rip off VRA to bed (at least until Deathstroke returns from the Phantom Zone). I had hoped to see something from the Apocalypse storyline, hopefully we are not in for another quick wrap Doomsday storyline.

  • Seeing Ollie and Dinah working with Rick Flag and Deadshot to fend off the VRA was pretty stinking cool (we even got a Canary Cry out of it).
  • Chloe as “the One” with all the kung-fu grip
  • Clark and Lois take a little “joy fly” around virtual Metropolis
  • All the fun mentions of Dr. Fate and his amazing techno-color helmet

Smallville Collateral Arrow Canary

  • The VRA, it is a cheap rip off of the Marvel Superhero Registration Act
  • Clark’s distrust of Chloe
  • The fact the VRA took Lois Lane (intrepid reporter) along with the rest of the heroes

Grade: A
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It was cool seeing Ollie and Dinah work together... maybe it will build towards what we see in the comics one day. I did enjoy parts of this episode, but it was a little too blatant in its ripping off of the Matrix. I will say that I've had enough of this VRA stuff. I didn't like it when Marvel devoted over a year to it and I don't like it now. My only worry is that they've been pretty careless about Clark's identity, it seems like everyone knows now. I imagine the VRA soldier will be back at some point.


As much as like Ollie and Chloe together, it would be nice if they worked it out between Ollie and Dinah. Of course then the CW could get their heads out of their collective butts and do a nice little Star City spinoff. They already missed the opportunity to let Justin run with his own so once. Instead of Collateral it should have been titled Incep-trix.


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