Young Justice: Schooled (Review)

Young Justice: Schooled (Review)

Young Justice Schooled SuperboyWell, Young Justice is wasting no time burning through DC Universe characters. We have seen Mister Twister, King Kobra, The Sportsmaster, and now Professor Ivo and his android Amazo. I have to say I am enjoying to seeing the full fledged DCU up and running, and yet the heroes and villains are still learning and growing. It is refreshing to see decades of storytelling made new again.

Schooled, kicks off in Metropolis when a bridge collapse is being attended to by Superman. Superboy makes his arrival on the scene known in his typical seismic fashion (not good when landing on a collapsing bridge). I can understand Superboy’s frustration with Superman’s reluctance to accept him. As that anger continues to grow Superboy becomes more unstable. When a clone is orphaned by and orphan, how can he be anything but frustration?

Young Justice Schooled TrainingThe Young Justice gang is brought together at Mount Justice for a battle training lesson by the beautifully animated Black Canary. Kid Flash, rushes to be her first sparing partner/victim. Thinking this type of training is beyond him Superboy begins to leave, until he is challenged and goaded by Canary to attack. What follows leads Robin to snicker and laugh as Canary hands Superboy his ass on the training floor. I really would like to see more of the training that is going on back at Mount Justice, it seems like it would help build the idea of a team a little better and would utilize Auqalad in a leadership role (rather than him simply being a “place holder” for Robin).

The team’s training is interrupted by a deployment from Batman to accompany the remains of Ivo’s android Amazo to separate STAR Labs for study. The team is split into two squads: Miss Martian, Kid Flash and Aqualad as one team and Robin and Superboy as the other team. Both teams are Young Justice Schooled Robinunknowingly set up for failure as remains were lo-jacked for Ivo to track. Both teams are attached by the coolest looking robot battle monkeys ever, which make off with the crates containing Amazo.

After a little clever hacking Robin figures out where the Amazo parts are heading… Gotham City and he and Kid Flash are off to assist Superboy in the ensuing battle. I loved this battle, watching Amazo switch back and forth from power to power as the YJ team worked as a unit like never before. I also really enjoyed the big tease that proceeded the team’s victory over Amazo. I look forward to seeing the next new addition to the team. Whomever that “archer” may be…

Young Justice is turning out to be a very, very good story and addition to the DC Universe. I am excited to tune in each week to see the next great adventure and to see what next obstacle will be thrown at these young heroes.

Grade: A

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