See You Never 2010!

2011 Space Invaders Calendar

See You Never 2010!

2010 has drawn to a close, it’s been an exciting year and trying year, with many peeks and valleys. Where to begin? One thing for sure… I’m keeping everything positive. If you want to be negative or passive aggressive then feel free to move along.

Well for starters I graduated with my Master’s of Science in Internet Marketing (so if you want to hire me check out my contact information and resume, then let’s chat).

My awesome kid started pre-school, she is crazy smart. CRAZY SMART. Sometimes I’m scared of the smart stuff that comes out of her mouth. She is either going to do great things for this world or end us all, super-villain style. I’m not sure which way to push her ;)

Our nearly 90 year old house got a bit of a face lift… hello new bathroom! What an exciting project, replacing the floor and vanity along with all new fixtures. It’s amazing how just a little TLC can make such a huge difference.

It was also a good year to be a geek! Social media had a banner year growing leaps and bounds. There were a ton of great comic books and action figures to come out this year. Let’s not forget all the great movies this year. You can check out the going geek new list of top 5 movies, here.

I’m looking forward to 2011… new adventures, new content and meeting new people, it is a new year and an open book. So, to everyone who has taken the time out of their busy lives to visit our little site here I say, Thank You and Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year. Here's to some more good movies and comics this year!


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