Smallville: Luthor (Review)

Smallville: Luthor (Review)

Cassidy Freeman Tess Mercer on SmallvilleWow! Can I say that to start a review? I mean seriously WOW! Friday’s Smallville was outstanding, and it proves something I’ve felt for a while now… Smallville needs to bring some of the adults back. Martha Kent, Perry White, Lionel Luthor, and Jonathan Kent are the true heart and soul of this show. The more they can bring these characters back as the series wraps the better off we will all be.

So what was great about this episode? Well for one Ultraman. Seeing the parallel universe Clark having adopted the identity of the Justice Lord character from the comic books was nothing short of geek-tastic. Obviously having John Glover back is always a treat, hopefully if the end of the episode shows us anything he will be sticking around. Finally, Cassidy Freeman (yes I know I have been singing the praises for Cassidy Freeman and her character in this space a lot, A LOT, but come on….) the strength she showed in both universes as two sides of the Tess coin was pretty awesome, and I enjoy watching characters tortured between the old debate of nature vs. nurture.

Tom Welling Ultraman on SmallvilleEpisodes like this have to be a blast for the actors, getting to explore their characters a little deeper and play them from a different point of view. Tom Welling play “Dark Clark” is always a treat, It would be very cool to see him play evil a little more often. Or even some kind of villain in his post Smallville life.

Now about the episode… The Mirror Box (yet another lost Kryptonian relic on Earth) transports Clark to into an alternate universe where he was raised by the Luthors an subsequently killed Lex. Unfortunately, the same Mirror Box transported that universe’s Clark into this one, to reek havoc on the unsuspecting residents of this universe.

On Earth-2 Lionel is still alive and terrorizing his “son” Clark into being the son he always wanted one to rule the world. Earth-1 Clark is way over his head, especially since there has been no Jor-EL influence on the Lionel of Earth-2 and his evil runs unchecked. The other big development on Earth-2 Lois Lane hates Clark Luthor and is engaged to Oliver Queen.

Now Earth-2 Clark Luthor wants to stay on Earth-1 where he will have his run of the joint, good plan except for the Justice League. Of course this Justice League consisted of Oliver, Tess and Lois Lane, all armed with Kryptonite weapon and seemed to have Ultraman on the ropes when Earth-1 Clark Kent used the Mirror Box John Glover Lionel Luthor on Smallvilleagain to get  to back to his own Earth.

Overall, this was probably one of the best episodes of the past few years. Even though it didn’t really progress the story of this season much, there was a ton of great action and like I said at the beginning of this post the return of Lionel Luthor. Speaking of Lionel, he obviously killed Ultraman and Oliver Queen on Earth-2, because low and behold at the end of the episodes who do we seen walking down the street of Earth-1 Metropolis? None other than Lionel in the flesh, hopefully this means he will be sticking around for a while, and what a great plot device to open the door to Michael Rosenbaum’s possible return. They could reintroduce Lex Luthor from another Earth having no knowledge about Clark Kent and his super powers. The end is near we are almost to the half way point and when I see an episode like this it makes me sad the series is ending.

Grade: A

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