The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice (Review)

The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice (Review)

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Through flashbacks and Katherine’s own words, we are given a glimpse and history into her life and transformation from a disgraced Katerina Petrova to the feared vampire that she is today. But it’s not without ties to Elena as Katherine was the first doppelganger who had drawn the eye of Klaus, the ‘first’ vampire, who was going to use her blood to break the moonstone curse. With Rose’s help, Damon looks to find out a bit more about the moonstone. Luka, a new kid (and warlock) in town, befriends Bonnie though he and his father look to be harboring more than just a few secrets—especially when dear old Dad appears with Elijah…

The Vampire Diaries The SacrificeDropping us off into the brewing storm from the last few episodes, this week’s installment of The Vampire Diaries seems more in line with being the 2010 finale for the first half of the season than the penultimate episode that it is.

Tired of standing on the sidelines as the damsel in distress, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is ready to show herself for being more than a pretty face in need of rescue. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) tell her that the best way to keep her safe is to take down the barrier long enough to reclaim the moonstone from Katherine. She knows the danger that such an act, and the overall situation, will put her loved ones in and can’t stand it. She goes to the one person that doesn’t care for her in any capacity—Rose (Lauren Cohan). She knows Rose can help her get more information on Klaus. Using Slater’s vampire-obsessed girlfriend, Alice (Bree Condon) to access his files, Elena tells her to contact Slater’s source to surrender herself to Klaus—a plan that she’d devised all along. Rose is shocked by Elena’s decision but is able to get in touch with Damon and tells him about Elena’s plan.

In the midst of Elena playing the martyr, Bonnie (Katerina Graham) continues work on finding a way to release the barrier on the tomb long enough for Damon and Stefan to nab the moonstone. Using an old photo of the wicked bitch from Bulgaria, she creates a powder to temporarily incapacitate Katherine, making the brothers’ task easier. Afraid for Bonnie’s health in attempting the spell, Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) pulls an Elena, sneaking out in an attempt to get the moonstone from Katherine. He’s successful in retrieving the moonstone, throwing it out of the tomb, but not so much in getting himself out of it, and Katherine starts using him as an immortal food outlet.

Damon makes it to Richmond and has it out with Elena over her actions. Not long after he arrives, three vampires with intentions on taking Elena to Klaus show up, though they aren’t long for the world when, in an out of left field moment, Elijah (Daniel Gilles), after locating Elena with help from Luka’s dad, kills the interlopers. He stares down Damon and Elena (after Rose scurries away) before disappearing himself.

With Damon leaving the tomb to save Elena from herself, Stefan and Bonnie are puzzled to see the moonstone lying out in the open. Things get worse when a bloodied Jeremy is dragged out into the open by Katherine. She knows he can’t die with the ring on but that won’t save him from pain and suffering at her hands. When Bonnie can’t complete the spell to remove the barrier, Stefan jumps into the tomb, removing Jeremy from harm but trapping himself with Katherine.

It’s not long after they get back into town that Damon and Elena find out about Stefan’s predicament. Damon promises his brother that he will look after Elena. It’s a sentiment shared by Elijah who, when talking to Luka’s dad, confides that she will be safe with the Salvatore brothers.

For now.

“The Sacrifice” is an apropos title to this episode. The primary focus of the episode dealt with Elena’s willingness to give her life for her loved ones—the same loved ones that would die for her without thought. Jeremy’s semi-successful attempt to retrieve the moonstone, however foolhardy, was motivated by his feelings for Bonnie and not wanting her to get hurt. And the episode ends with the most poignant sacrifice to date when Stefan knowingly gives up his freedom to save Jeremy from further torture at the hands of Katherine. But like all actions, even noble ones have consequences and aside from Jeremy’s actions, the repercussions from the other sacrifices will be discovered over the remainder of the season.

This season has continued to add depth to the world of Mystic Falls. The new characters introduced this season—Rose, Elijah, Luka and Dad—all have motives and histories that allows the writers to take things on many paths, some which may vibe with the original novels and others that, like much of the series itself, is self-contained in the television show. We have one more episode of 2010 left and though I won’t doubt the creativity of TVD writers, it will be hard to top this episode as we look to the second half of season two in 2011.

Vampire Bites:
  • Give Elena credit for no longer standing around needing to be rescued. Though her actions are questionable (who’s to say that Klaus won’t still come after her loved ones for spite?) one cannot deny the motivations behind them.
  • There were some interesting scenes involving Damon and Elena. Her admission that she cares for him (which we all knew) caught him off guard and it may have been enough to reignite that hope he’d buried after confessing his love to Elena before compelling her to forget. From Elena’s POV, her reaction to Rose being in the mansion was telling as well. Though she doesn’t love Damon, there is a connection between the two that goes past the “just friends”. Stefan’s imprisonment may be just what Elena needs to realize that there is something there between her and Damon. Of course, no matter what happens, there will be some complications when Stefan gets out.
  • Speaking of Damon, the one complaint that I have is that Ian Somerhalder seemed to do a bit too much facial acting in this episode. I’m not sure if that’s due to Damon’s attempt at being emotionless around Elena or not, but it took a bit away from his usually solid performance.
  • Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie…just when I was beginning to like you, you do something like that to Jeremy (who I’m not too big a fan of either). There’s a mutual attraction there but she pushes him away; is it because of the whole “best friend’s brother” thing or the presence of Luka? There’s no denying her attraction to Luka but is that a witch/warlock thing going or is there something more?
  • Similar to the Bonnie/Luka/Jeremy triangle, Tyler and Caroline are getting closer by the minute. Just how that will play into her relationship with Matt remains to be seen. Tyler will need her if he’s to get through what looks to be quite the painful first transformation into a werewolf.
  • What is Elijah’s motivation for allowing Elena to stay with the Salvatores. At a first glance, it appears that his working against Klaus. If that is the case, what’s his end game? I’m still not 100% convinced that he isn’t, in fact, Klaus but this episode has created a few more doubts in my mind about Elijah’s identity.

Rating: A

– Darryl (follow @djasper07 on Twitter)