Star Trek: Typhon Pact – Zero Sum Game (Book Review)

Star Trek: Typhon Pact – Zero Sum Game (Book Review)

Star Trek Zero Sum Game Book CoverStar Trek: Typhon Pact – Zero Sum Game, written by David Alan Mack, is the first of four books in a series showing the beginnings of an alliance of Federation Foes. The Typhon Pact was formed out of repercussions depicted in the Star Trek: Destiny series, also written by Mack. Around a year after the Destiny series the Typhon Pact makes a bold move stealing designs for a new Federation starship drive system. The action begins in Mars orbit, we are then transported to Deep Space Nine where Dr. Julian Bashir, who was revealed to be genetically enhanced, is recruited by Starfleet Intelligence to either retrieve the stolen information or destroy it by any means necessary.

After reading what I consider the “prequel” to this series, A Singular Destiny, about a year ago I patiently waited for the opening of this series, and I was not disappointed. The interest I had in this book was increased by the use of one of Star Treks more mysterious alien races The Breen. This race was a major player on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series, but every time they appeared on screen they were helmeted mask and unlike most alien species on the Star Trek they never spoke on word of English. Another bonus was the use of Julian Bashir, one of my favorite characters, as the main character. Although Bashir is a medical doctor in this novel Starfleet feels that due to his genetic enhancements he would be a valuable asset for a covert mission to cross the Breen border and integrate into their society. After deliberating on the mission Bashir decides to join the mission where it is revealed to him his partner is Sarina Douglas. Shortly after the revelation of his genetic enhancements Bashir assisted Sarina to deal with her own enhancements, and in the process formed a doomed romantic relationship with her. Bashir and Douglas are trained with what knowledge Starfleet has on the Breen and sent to the U.S.S. Aventine commanded by Ezri Dax, whom also had a relationship with Dr. Bashir. Once they reach the destination for their mission the two agents are deposited into Breen territory. Then the interesting part of the story begins for anyone wanting to know more about this culture. Bashir and Douglas arrive on a planet where they find the Breen are not all they have been rumored to be. Through several different circumstances we are shown how the Breen live and what they have under the mask.

I really have enjoyed all of the books that I have read by Mr. Mack and fell that this one stands with the rest of them. From the beginning of the novel until the end we are given a detailed espionage adventure. Unlike the Destiny trilogy written by Mack, this book is more intimate with only five major characters including a Breen admiral whom eventually becomes one of the more sympathetic characters in the story. The love triangle teased early in the novel was thankfully downplayed with not as much drama, and actually has more of a humorous spin put on the situation. The mysterious Breen are fleshed out a bit more in this novel, thankfully Mr. Mack did not reveal all of their secrets. This is a very enjoyable novel, both for fans of Star Trek or readers who just enjoy a fast paced adventure story in the vain of James Bond.

Grade: B+

– Johnny (follow @JohnnyPottorf on Twitter)