The Walking Dead: Tell it to the Frogs (Review)

The Walking Dead: Tell it to the Frogs (Review)

The Walking Dead Michael Rooker reaching for a sawTell it to the frogs indeed. Wow the intensity of the Walking Dead continues to grow more and more each week, and with only three episodes left there is a lot that needs to happen between now and the season finale. Let’s talk about episode three though.

This weeks installment picks up with Michael Rooker’s Merle Dixon still hand cuffed to the roof as the Walkers are desperately trying to get to him through the door T-Dogg chained shut. I loved Rooker in this scene, the way he was talking to himself losing his mind and begging for help and forgiveness.


I haven’t read The Walking Dead comic book, to be honest when I came time for me to get around to reading it AMC announced the series. So I figured I would just wait, now that I know there are some differences I will start picking up Trades as soon as season 1 ends. That being said, this weeks episode falls prey to my biggest pet peeve in all of television, both scripted and reality. Instead of just writing a great story (or editing one together in the case of reality television), shows try and include a different character for everyone. You know what I’m talking about… there is the gay character, the black TWD Reunitedcharacter, the women lib, the dopey white guy and the angry redneck. So instead of watching 45 minutes of intense zombie apocalypse surviving action we now have to sit through a domestic violence storyline and a search for a crazy redneck storyline.

Now… let’s get to the great parts of this episode. The Walking Dead team did a great job tugging at the ole heart strings during the return to camp scene. Watching Lori comfort Carl was sad… watching Carl realize his dad Rick had returned from the “dead” run to him was just plain heart breaking and heart warming all at the same time. What are great reunion, or for Shane a bit of a nightmare.

Once back at camp we have the touching love scene between Rick and Lori and Rick finally is able to TWD Hungry Geeksleep in after a long time. But everything is not perfect, they are waiting for the other shoe to drop… in the form of Darryl Dixon’s return. Before that can happen the gang gets an unwelcome visitor in camp… a Walker or Geek if you will has made it’s way up the mountain to camp and is snacking on a recently killed deer.

The younger Dixon is played by Norman Reedus (one of my favorite actors), and he was pretty darn good in the role. When Dixon returned to camp it was just after the group fended off the Walker… well mostly, it took one of his well placed arrows to finish the job.

After a lot of back and forth Rick makes the decision to return to Atlanta, not only for Merle, but for his stash of guns, ammo and his walkie. The group needs the guns, but Rick needs the walkie to warn Morgan Jones and his son about the trap that is Atlanta. Once the gang is assembled and barter for some tools agreement of payment on a safe return Rick, Glenn, Darryl and T-Dogg are off.

As the group sets off, there is no lack of drama back at the camp, Lori is now all standoffish against Shane and forbids him from hanging out with Carl. This stirs up a whole mess of emotions in Shane, which are set off when the wife beater Ed decides it is a good time to spoil all the laundry fun and start smacking around his wife. I can’t imagine Shane left many teeth in his mouth after the beating he gave poor scum bucket Ed.

TWD The Search Party

Getting into Atlanta was easy, they only came in contact with one Walker on the way to get Merle off the roof, but are greeted by nothing but an empty set of bloody handcuffs… oh, and Merle’s severed hand.

Grade: A-

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