The Vampire Diaries: Rose (Review)

The Vampire Diaries: Rose (Review)

Previously…Katherine delivers a message to the Salvatores that she wants the moonstone. Knowing that she means business, Damon and Stefan elicit the help of Jeremy, Alaric, Caroline and Bonnie to ambush Katherine at the Lockwood’s masquerade party. Bringing her own witch, Lucy, in with her, Katherine gains the upper hand before Lucy betrays her. She finally has the moonstone but is now imprisoned in the tomb underneath the church. Elena is kidnapped by an unknown assailant as she leaves the party…

The Vampire Diaries RoseThis week’s episode picks up on the two primary threads from last week, Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) abduction and Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) transformation to the furry on a full moon. The primary focus remains on the Elena/Stefan/Damon triangle though the subplots continue to become even more entwined with the three main characters.

Elena’s status as Katherine’s doppelganger is at the forefront when her abductors are two vampires, Rose (Lauren Cohan) and Trevor (Trent Ford), who have been running from the Originals for more than 500 years because of a slight to Elijah (Daniel Gillies), one of the Originals, perpetrated by Trevor. Their plan to hand over Elena to barter their freedom hinges on the fact of Elena being the key to breaking the ‘Sun and Moon’ curse. It seems that the Originals are—big surprise here—the oldest of vampires. Though the name may be a bit cliché, their introduction supplies the beginnings a true mythology for the show, something that had been hinted at for quite sometime but has only in the last three episodes is starting to take shape.

When they realize that Elena’s missing (let’s not get into the fact that they let her go home without an escort after nearly dying) the Salvatores go to Bonnie (Katerina Graham) for help. Stefan’s first plan to free Katherine is shut down by the witch but she does provide a locator spell (Willow 2.0, anyone?) that gives the brothers a general direction to travel; a bit of Googling from Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) and the duo have Elena’s exact location. Before reaching the house where Elena’s being held, the brothers have a bit of road trip heart to heart where Stefan calls out his older brother. Though everyone knows, it’s the first time that Stefan has truly acknowledged aloud that Damon is also in love with Elena.

Mission focused on getting Elena out, the brothers use every bit of their skills to kill Elijah, though the fight itself, especially compared with last week’s duel with Katherine, is flat and devoid of any type of suspense. Alone in the mansion, Rose shows up and tells Stefan that she is there to provide them with the help they will need as not only with the Originals be on the Salvatore’s trail but Klaus as well.

Possibly the most emotional scene of the series caps off this episode when Damon, returning Elena’s vervain necklace, admits that he is in love with her. But it’s something he knows she can’t remember if they have any hope against the newest, most dangerous threat. It’s both a selfish (as Damon tells her) and selfless act, and we are finally privy to the depths of the resident bad boy’s feelings run.

Secondary but important in its own right is Tyler’s realization of his new ‘condition’ in more ways than one. It has been a transformation for this character that started late last year and has continued on. He’s gone from a truly unlikeable “dick” (his words from last week) to a not so bad guy. It’s apropos that Caroline, another character that has undergone a very similar transformation, is the one there to help Tyler through it all. One has to wonder if, being the emotional crutch for him will cause feelings and emotions to develop that are more than platonic.

Speaking of crossing that line from platonic to romantic, the Jeremy/Bonnie train is slowly gaining steam out of the station. Though admittedly not a big fan of either character, their potential ‘ship will be something to watch.

Coming off the best episode of the year, this week’s show had some big shoes to fill and, while it was very good in its own right, it wasn’t able to maintain the pace and excitement of last week’s “Masquerade”. Still, it’s another layer to the ever developing world of The Vampire Diaries.

Vampire Bites:
  • Okay, so it looks like the Originals will be a bit harder to kill than a simple stake to the heart. Elijah rising from the dead and…was he frolicking in the sun as well? How are the Salvatore brothers going to combat that, especially if reinforcements come calling?
  • It’s amazing just how much Caroline has matured. And it’s not just how she’s been with Tyler. While Damon still talks to her like a newbie, there’s an undercurrent of respect there (or as much as he allows).
  • Stefan apologizing to his brother for turning him. I think this really caught Damon off guard and may have allowed him to let go some of the resentment he’s harbored towards Stefan since being turned.
  • Damon…Damon…Damon. Yes, I knew that, sooner or later, he’d tell Elena that he was in love with her but I didn’t expect it so soon, nor his selfless act of making her forget. A part of me does believe he should have let her decide how she wanted to handle things but he knows there are bigger things ahead for all of them where a distraction so big could cause serious issues (like Stefan alluded to). Still, it was something he had to do and maybe now he can start the process of moving on…that is, until Elena remembers him admitting his love for her. That’s when it will get REALLY interesting…


– Darryl (follow @djasper07 on Twitter)