Smallville: Ambush (Review)

Smallville: Ambush (Review)

Smallville AmbushOK Smallville creative team we the viewers have had enough filler. What was shaping up to be a great season has quickly spiraled into an exercise in spinning in circles… in place. We are seven episodes into the final season and we get this hunk of garbage episode. Color me not pleased.

Where do I begin… Lucy Lane (Peyton List), she’s as good a target as anyone. We haven’t seen Lucy Lane on the Kent Farm in quite some time, and to be honest I would have been ok if she hadn’t returned. In Smallville Lucy Lane is the golden girl turned trouble maker when she got in trouble with some thieving, so now we are supposed to buy her as the devoted daughter looking to protect General Sam Lane (Michael Ironside) and accept a package and agreeing to plant a tracking device on “The General”… boooooo! Bad Smallville writers.

Speaking of The General, I was recently re-watching the Justice League Unlimited DVD’s and Michael Ironside’s Darkseid amazing, too bad they wasted him on Sam Lane. I digress, running Clark through the paces in one thing… coming into Clark’s home as an uninvited guest and running him through the paces is quite another. Luckily Clark is chock full of self control these days.

I’ve complained enough about the Lane family… let’s bash the Smallville love of Thanksgiving! (Kidding.)

SuicideSquadLogoSo this episode welcomed back the Suicide Squad and leader Rick Flag, while I am happy to see the addition of more DC characters and added mythology, we are in the final season. If they are not adding more to the final season’s villain or setting up a spin off… they should not be the focus of anything (I’m looking directly at your Cat Grant).

I’ll say it again, I really hope The CW decides to keep Justin Hartley around and do a Star City spinoff focused on Green Arrow. First it will keep Hartley on TV kicking ass. Second, comic book and superhero properties are still hot and The CW will have a built in fan base with a rich backstory with the ability to bring back anyone from Smallville or the DC Universe. Back to the episode though, the scenes with Oliver and Tess in ‘Ambush’ show the level of distrust and cynicism Oliver has amassed throughout his journey from masked vigilante to superhero poster boy. I worry that Tess is not to be trusted and we will see the return of “Dark Oliver” when he is scorned by yet another woman.

Tess is another story, and while I’m trying to remain spoiler free aside from the episode descriptions on my DirecTV guide, I think we are going to learn this is not the Tess of Oliver’s past. We already know Lex implanted a tracker in her and a small camera in her eye, is it that hard to believe she is a clone and has been programed all Cylon or Terminator like to infiltrate the Justice League? We have 15 episodes to find out.

Clark was kind of an after thought in this episode. Aside from saving Lois from the Suicide Squad’s assassination attempt meant for Sam Lane, he was off doing chores or arguing with Lois about not standing up to her dad. After 2 weeks of setting up Lois and Clark’s relationship as impenetrable for the past several weeks, it seems out of character for Clark to be so insecure.

So another disappointed Smallville, that’s 2 1/2 weeks in a row, but who’s counting. Let’s hope they get back on track soon.

Grade: C-

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