Smallville: Harvest (Review)

Smallville: Harvest (Review)

smallvill season 10Dear Smallville/The CW… During seasons 1 – 9 it was acceptable to have 2 filler episodes in a row, in season 10 you don’t have the luxury to screw around. I really hope the don’t do with Darkseid what they did with Doomsday. The entire Doomsday story was back burner pretty much until the final episode, then WAM! fight time aaaaand resolution. Please do not do this is season 10.

Ok enough ranting…

I’m going to keep this short to keep my disappointment for this episode to a minimum. An entire town of blue kryptonite drinking zealots killing young women each year to appease the meteor showering gods for almost 20 years… blah blah blah. I expected this episode to have something to do with Darkseid… perhaps the town “shepard” having been infected by the darkness?

This would have been the only acceptable reason for having an episode like this after last week’s filler. I so over Clark being infected by all the various kryptonite scatter all over the globe at this point, I’m honestly surprised he can even walk out the front door at this point.

Let’s talk good. Lois channeling her best Pulp Fiction was hilarious. Little Alexander becoming a pint sized fully realized Lex Luthor was terrifying. Tess realizing all the love in the world could not change a Luthor was heartbreaking. Finally, all of the interaction between Lois and Clark  is awesome, I love seeing this couple being open and honest. The scenes they share show everything that was wrong with Clark and Lana. Lois is headstrong, stubborn and self aware, while Lana was the opposite.

Ok, Smallville the fun is over, it is time to get back on track and start getting the story rolling and getting our boy into the blue and red with tights, flight and even the… gasp.. cape?

Grade: C-

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