Smallville: Isis (Review)

Smallville: Isis (Review)

Isis and ClarkSeason 10 is rolling on… and what I thought was going to be a filler episode turned out to be pretty darn good (with a few exceptions). That being said, Cassidy Freeman is knocking it out of the park as Tess Mercer this season. She has brought her game to a whole new level as an actress and I enjoy the wildcard that is her character. Smallville has been good to Freeman, much like Tom Welling it has been nice to see her grown as an actress as her character progresses.

Let’s talk about the episode ‘Isis’. First thing first, Cat Grant is basically worthless in Smallville. Keri Lynn Pratt is much too whiney in the role; since they didn’t make her the sexpot version of Cat Grant they should have gone with a better actress, maybe Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars)? The other small bit of bad is the simple mention of the ‘Green Arrow Girls’… that was cringe worthy and I’m glad we the humble viewers were not subjected to them.

Who eles was worried Clark wasn’t going to tell Lois the truth this week? I was sitting there thinking (not talking to the TV, using my in my own head voice mind you), “please Clark, didn’t you learn anything from your romp through time?” We were not let down, Clark spilled the beans… and I still hate the name ‘the Blur’. I was a taken aback at how easy it was for Lois to tackle Clark.

So the theme of this week’s episode was love. Lois was possessed by the spirit of Isis who was trying to resurrect her love Osiris. Isis raised a lot of good questions to Clark about what he would or would not do for love, she was willing to plunge the world into the underworld just to be reunited with Osiris, Clark was not. Clark and Isis were not the only characters this week dealing with matters of the heart. Oh, and Clark used some crazy bad ass heat vision to break the curse on Lois, by shooting it right into the amulet that caused the possession.

Tess is confronting her newly realized maternal instincts for Lex’s clone Alexander. It was quite a sight to see the light finally click in her head; she needs to love the boy not just observe and test him. Lex was raised to be a titan Isis and Green Arrowof industry and humanity by Lionel Luthor, there was no room for love in that world. Tess is hoping to break that cycle, and it was a little heartbreaking to watch begin to read Peter Pan to a boy that may or may not be aging at an excellerated rate. Good stuff.

Lastly, Oliver. He is still reeling from Chloe’s disappearance, who can blame him, but now he is over compensating with the Green Arrow the public figure. It is totally understandable, and I am glad he is not wallowing in his tears anymore. I’m really hoping the CW will do the right thing and move Justin Hartley over to his own series at the end of this season… hello Star City spinoff! Make it happen.

Ok, so this was a solid episode, minus the Cat Grant parts. We had more character development than story development and that is fine, but please stop possessing Lois with villainesses from the DC Universe every October (last year was Sliver Banshee). Anyway… let me know what you thought of this episode!

Grade: B+

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