Smallville: Homecoming (Review)

Smallville: Homecoming (Review)

With the episode ‘Homecoming’ Smallville celebrates a rare feat for any television show, their 200th episode… so before I got to my review I want to say, Congratulations! Thanks for 10 seasons of Superman growing to be a real boy.

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Now, I really did like the episode; it had action, it had time travel, it even had Clark in the near future being snarky to his past self. What it didn’t have was the big reveal, for such an important episode in Clark and Brainiac 5 at the Smallville ReunionSmallville history, I was expecting to see Clark “suited up”. Now it was cool to see the glasses, and it was cool to see future Clark (even though he called his older self uptight… very funny). As I sat watching the episode I felt like they wanted to tell me more… like when you have the answer on the tip of your tongue but can’t quite get there.

Let’s talk about our special guest star this week. We got to enjoy the always wonderful (and often bloody) James Marsters returning as Brainiac, but this time as Brainiac 5 from the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century. Brainy revealed that Clark didn’t destroy him, but fixed him to be more of what Jor-el envisioned the Brain Interactive Construct to be, a savior of worlds and knowledge. I totally dug the ghost of Christmas past, present and future vibe we got from Brainiac it was just fun. Seeing how Lois and Oliver needed Clark resonated something that has been missing on Smallville for a while… Clark’s heart and compassion. He has been so wrapped up in his own moral dilemmas, he had forgotten just how important he is to those he loves and how important his support is to them.

Revisiting moments from the pilot when Clark runs into Lana and the pesky Kryptonite necklace (back before she got annoying… bad writers, bad) and the young intrepid reporter Chloe Sullivan were great and hopefully reminded you of a simpler time before all this Blur nonsense when all we had to worry about was the Meteor Rock  Freak of the Week. Seeing the effect Smallville High had on Clark was pretty Clark in specs... man or superman?cool, and it was also kind of surprising the reaction Clark got from his fellow alumni. He was celebrated as a conquering hero and football legend, but didn’t he only play for just one season and wasn’t he generally picked on by the “cool” kids until that point? It’s amazing what five years will do to memories.

Episode 200 has come and gone, and while Smallville hasn’t always been great it is a very good show and this season is a speeding freight train heading hopefully to a destiny that we know exists for Clark and his friends and allies. So while I had hoped for more out of this episode, it is still a solid effort and it is worth watching. Next week we get Isis possessing Lois (what is with this show and possessions… it’s worse than Supernatural). Anyway, Clark seems to be one step closer to being Superman, we’ve got the glasses… we’ve seen the tights and did I catch a glimpse of flight?

So Smallville gave us a glimpse of the of things to come, and I’m sad. Why am I sad? Because this is the final season and I’m afraid we will never get to see Clark as a fully realized Superman. I think that is a great disservice to Tom Welling, if anything over the past 10 seasons he has grown as an actor and I believe he is capable to playing the Man to Steel (on the small screen and beyond).

Grade: B+

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