Smallville: Supergirl (Review)

Smallville: Supergirl (Review)

Supergirl on SmallvilleSo the Darkseid “Smoke Monster’ is able to turn into a murder of crow and infect some third rate Metropolis shock jock named Godfrey (Michael Daingerfield)… I have to say, I’m not impressed with the intro of Darkseid thus far.

The action picks up at the said shock jock’s Anti-Superhero Rally, where intrepid reporter/damsel in distress Lois Lane (Erica Durance) makes her triumphant return to Metropolis. She then hashes it out with Clark (Tom Welling) about why she left for Africa and then all is well.

Then the Anti-Blur billboard that was just unveiled conveniently falls off it’s sign post threating to kill the on looking bystanders… why is it in all hero type stories the mass public is so happy to stand by and watch as they are potentially squashed? Anyway, I digress. So Kara Zor-el (Laura Vandervoort) swoops in to save the day just as Clark is ready to mount a rescue.

So there was a lot that happened in this episode, and you really should watch it rather than just read my recant of event. So let’s do some bullet points… shall we?

  • Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow TodayKara tells Clark Jor-el has given up on him and no longer considers him his son
  • Kara and Clark have a flying lesson
  • Clark has a major flying fail
  • The Daily Planet calls Kara the Maiden of Might
  • Kara knows Clark and Zod set Darkseid loose on Earth during their battle
  • Apparently Darkseid is like a disease and can infect and use you like a puppet. Unless you have clear clarity of purpose… whatever that is.
  • It’s been a few episodes since Lois was half dressed… so leather, whips and chains to the rescue
  • The club with all the leathery goodness is called Club DeSaad (a Darkseid minion)
  • Oliver (Justin Hartley) is still pining over Chloe (Alison Mack) and is getting his Kung Fu strong

Kara and Clark in disguiseEnough bullets… two major things happened in this episode. First,  Kara and Clark confront the dark force  (aka Darkseid) and he almost take over Clark, but again it’s Kara to the rescue. I have to say I’m not reallythat excited about Kara being the “Super” one first, in my mind it kind of makes Clark’s eventual turn to Superman a little bit less important than it should be.

Ok, now for the second big reveal this week… Oliver Queen outed himself as Green Arrow. There is something wrong with Oliver working out of Luthorcorp… it’s just not right and it is a way to shoehorn Lex Luthor into the Smallville mythos each week.

So there you have it… some summary, some opinion and some pictures. Do yourself a favor and check this episode out as the final season of Smallville keeps motoring on towards the series finale.

Grade: B+

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