The Vampire Diaries: Kill or Be Killed (Review)

The Vampire Diaries: Kill or Be Killed (Review)

Previously…Flashbacks give us a greater understanding of the Katherine/Stefan relationship. We also get to see a bit of history on the Lockwoods, apropos as Mason’s secret is discovered. Damon being Damon, he tries (unsuccessfully) to kill Mason and makes an enemy in the process.

Mason and Stefan Bad Moon RisingThe hits just keep coming for the residents of Mystic Falls in the fifth episode of the season. Similar to last week’s episode, we are given another history lesson for one of our characters. This time it’s Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney) and the events that led him to inheriting the familial curse of the wolf. A year before his arrival he gets into a bar fight with a friend who he accidentally kills, an action that triggers the curse. He warns Tyler (Michael Trevino) of just how easy it could be to inherit and though there is a bit of fear and uncertainty in his eyes, Tyler cannot quite mask his interest in what is [potentially] within him. Mason is still in search of the moonstone and Tyler feigns innocence as to its whereabouts.

Elena (Nina Debrov) tells Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) about the Lockwoods but forbids him from getting involved, a bit funny considering he’s a lot harder to kill with Jonathan Gilbert’s (David Anders) ring around his finger. A bit of strategy planning by Elena and Stefan (James Wesley) on their public relationship problems coupled with the always unstable interactions between Caroline (Candice Accola) and her mother, Sherriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) and it’s on to the Mystic Falls Historical Society Volunteer Day. Everyone is in attendance, wolf and vampires, too. Stefan talks to Mason in an attempt to smooth things over after Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) impulsive attempt to kill the werewolf. After Mason threatens his brother, Stefan tells him in no uncertain terms just how bad things would go were he to go after Damon.

Soon after Mason informs Sherriff Forbes of the Salvatores’ true nature, a claim that she at first dismisses though there is some uncertainty in her eyes when Mason vows to prove it. Damon attempts to confront the Sherriff but she brushes it off, blaming her concerns on her and Caroline’s dysfunctional relationship. A bit later Damon runs into Mason and the two exchange non-pleasantries before Mason walks away. Stefan joins his brother just as Damon takes a sip from a cup of lemonade laced with vervane. As Damon chokes on the vampire poison, neither brother sees the Sherriff watching from afar.

More than a little displeased (i.e., extremely pissed) Damon vows to kill Mason and Stefan surprisingly agrees it must be done. They corner Mason away from the crowd but before they can act, gunshots erupt, striking the brothers. The Sherriff and two of her deputies appear from an ambush spot and inject the brothers with vervane before carrying them off. After dismissing Mason due to the actions being a part of Council business (a pretentious excuse considering he’s the one that exposed the vampires). Sherriff Forbes wants answers and isn’t above putting a few bullets in the Salvatores to get them. Realizing that Damon will not cooperate (Stefan remains unconscious) she gives the order to kill the brothers. Elena and Caroline intervene, with the latter killing the deputies before walking from the shadows and greeting her mother with her vampire guise.

Unable to cope with her daughter’s transformation, Sherriff Forbes welcomes the threat of Damon killing her but he doesn’t. Instead they resolve to wait until the vervane is out of her system so that Damon may compel her, wiping the memories of the day from her mind.

Mulling over the events of the day and what will come to pass with Katherine, Stefan knows that he has to start drinking human blood if he is to have a chance against his maker. Elena is afraid of just what it will do to him and runs out, unable to watch him drink the human blood. Before leaving the mansion, she talks to Caroline who admits her involvement with Katherine. After an episode without, we are finally treated with an Elena/Damon scene. Her comments on his actions and what he did for Sherriff Forbes is another reminder of, despite her vow that their friendship is over, she truly misses Damon and what he means to her.  Damon returns her gesture by admitting that Stefan didn’t drink the people blood, though they both know that he needs to do it.

Elena finds Stefan and offers him her blood. She is overcoming her fears of what Stefan may become because she does realize just what is at stake with Katherine in town.

The final scene, entwined with both the primary and subplot, is a wow to a factor of ten. Moonstone now in hand (thanks to Tyler), Mason pays a visit to a stranger parked in the woods. The stranger ends up being Mystic Falls’ newest threat, Katherine. A quick flashback to Mason’s inheritance of the curse shows that Katherine was there the entire time, the orchestrator of Mason’s transformation though to what end still remains a mystery.

The lesser branch of this episode featured Tyler and Jeremy bonding over drinks when Jeremy admits to his knowledge of the Lockwood curse. When Tyler comes close to killing one of the girls that accompanied them to his house (she falls down the steps) he realizes that despite the intrigue on the curse, he rejects the feelings that anger and rage light inside of him. He gives Mason the moonstone, wanting to forever distance himself from the curse.

Vampire Bites:
  • So, I did not see the Mason/Katherine angle at all. The fact that she’s had a 150 year head start on our favorite vampires does not bode well for the Salvatores.
  • We only get a short scene between Elena and Damon but it’s a perfect showcase to their relationship. The subtleties of their interactions are even better than their back and forth banter (missing from this episode).
  • Stefan’s ability to do what is necessary despite what others may think is the major reason I like him more than similarly whiney vampires (Edward, Angel during his stint on Buffy). He understands that to win you sometimes have to do the wrong thing (Angel realizes this once he gets his own show and out of Buffy’s watchful eyes…)
  • You have to wonder how the Sherriff’s actions may affect Damon. He truly looked at her as his friend (though that was not the case early on). It may depend on how he and Elena mend their broken ‘ship just how it ultimately affects him.
  • The power behind the moonstone looks as if it’ll be coming out next episode (October 21st). I’m thinking that it has something to do with controlling a werewolf’s transformation, which makes sense why Mason would want it, but what would it do for Katherine? Would it allow her control over a werewolf, or to have it become her familiar? Hmmm…

Rating: B+

– Darryl (follow @djasper07 on Twitter)