Superman/Batman: Apocalypse – Initial Reaction

I finally got my screener copy of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse yesterday, and got around to viewing it today. There will be a larger post over on with my full review, but here are my initial reactions to the latest of the DC Entertainment Direct to DVD movie.Superman-Batman-Apocalypse

  • The pacing of this movie was completely off, everything just felt awkward
  • Unlike Superman/Batman: Public Enemies the animation in this one just looked very flat (i.e. no depth)
  • The movie was missing any since of timing, there is a point where Kara (Supergirl) has been on Themyscira for two months, but it is mentioned in throw away dialogue
  • Superman is a big old wuss in this one… even Batman stands up to Darkseid with more guts
  • Michael Ironside always needs to be the voice of Darkseid (especially with Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy lending their voices)
  • Granny Goodness looked too much like a man and was way to angular, there was not plumpness like the Superman: the Animated Series Granny
  • The Green Arrow DC Showcase short is the best part of this DVD

Look for the full review later this weekend to see all my thoughts and what grade the DVD receives.

Brian Avatar– Brain (follow @briantudor on Twitter)