Smallville: Shield (Review)

Clark in his new Blur costumeSmallville’s final season is just rolling along, all leading up to the big reveal of Clark (Tom Welling) in The Suit. We get a glimpse of the new and improved bright colored Blur at the end of the episode (pictured). Why are they wasting their time with this silly “S” printed jacket? Now I admit it’s a step in the right direction, anything other than the Super-punisher is a step in the right direction, but come on!

We are introduced to Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) in this episode, who in typical Smallville fashion is not what she first appears to be. She is thrust into Clark’s life as a bubbly, happy, borderline crazy person to be his new partner replacing Lois Lane (Erica Durance) at the Daily Planet. So no sooner do they meet, and get off to a rocky start, the intrepid reporters are off on their first assignment together; they are targeted for assination by Deadshot (Bradley Stryker).

Clark does his thing and saves he and Cat from the exploding car, but the “smart bullet” Deadshot fired was pretty cool, working it’s way thru the streets of Metropolis through the exhaust of Cat’s car and into the engine block. It is nice to see Smallville adding a bit of budget to the episodes for things like this, it being the final season and all.

Ok, so now for Lois. She left at the end of the last episode bound for Africa and the foreign news desk of the Daily Planet to work directly for Perry White (Michael McKean). She arrives at her assignment destination to be greeted by non other than Hawkman himself, Carter Hall (Michael Shanks). Carter is there to look out for Lois on Clark’s behest. I have to admit, Michael Shanks and Erica Durance had some pretty good on screen chemistry, which made these scenes very enjoyable in an already good episode. The chat about Clark, his powers, what it’s like to love someone with powers, love that transcends lifetimes; you know normal stuff to talk about when you first meet someone. Carter shares his story of love and loss throughout the ages, and “accidentally” plants one on Lois, mistaking her for Shayera Hall/Hawkgirl (Sahar Biniaz). It a very cool/awkward scene.

While Clark is hunting down assassins and Lois is waxing all things love and superhero with Carter; Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) is searching for Chloe. He is having little luck, seeing as Chloe Sullivan (Alison Mack) has apparently deleted all record of her as if she never existed. So I was right on last week, Oliver was held captive by the leader of the Suicide Squad, Rick Flag (Ted Whittall). Oliver’s search leads him to the Talon apartment, which Clark is using as a safe house for Cat. Ollie and Cat have a very humorous interaction, due to her anti-superhero stance and his need to find Chloe. He finally tracks down where he was taken, and runs into Rick Flag and they have a nice foot to head (gut, arms, legs, midsection) “conversation” as Ollie pummels him trying to get any information about Chloe. Flag tells Ollie she is dead, from a cyanide capsule she took before they could interrogate her. Smallville's SupergirlWe know Alison Mack did not sign on for the full season, but we know she will be back, so she’s not really dead. We’ll have to see where this storyline goes, but didn’t we just get past the whiney “dark” Ollie? Move on… get to setting up the Star City spinoff already.

Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) appears to be the new Watchtower/Oracle/Information Booth for Clark and the Gang. I’m not sure what her motives are, but as I am a fan of the character, we’ll wait and see.

All of the heroes (Clark, Oliver and Carter) are marked with the mark of the Suicide Squad, some kind of fancy lojack. We learn that Plastique (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is working with Flag and the Suicide Squad when the free Deadshot from jail.

Overall it was a good episode, the story for the season progressed a bit. No sign of Darkseid this week, but we are a step closer to tights and flight. Next week brings the return of Kara Zor-el/Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort)… and she is looking full on Supergirl so it should be an exciting one.

Grade: A-

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The bullet scene was CRAP!!! Rather leave it out than have it look like something from a 10 year old video game. EURGH.


What did you hate more the bullet scene or the fact Deadshot was a cowboy? It's the final season, they are saving money for cooler effects later on. I just thought it was cool the path the bullet took (i.e. thur the spokes of a bike tire). Thanks for the comment! Make sure you check back in for more reviews and stories. If there is anything you'd like to see us write about let me know.


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