Smallville – Lazarus: Season 10 Premiere (Review)

Smallville Season 10 Premiere: Lazarus (Review)

Smallville Season 10 PromoSmallville’s final season began with a bang, picking up from were season 9 ended. Let’s take a quick look at what got the ball rolling for season 10:

  • Lois Lane (Erica Durance) knows Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is ‘the Blur’ (I hate that name… ‘the Blur’, the people of Metropolis have got to be the least creative citizen ever) after finding him dead in the middle of the street with a huge blue kryptonite knife sticking out of his middle.
  • Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) is getting the snot beat out of him by a man whom I can only guess is a part of the Suicide Squad
  • Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) is on the hunt of Ollie and adds a new bit of headwear to her ensemble
  • Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) wakes up at Cadmus Labs with her face magically fixed (I guess they magically fixed Ollie’s chest too)
  • Oh, and Clark died and came back to life after seeing Lex Luthor in a vision and being told he would be a great hero.

Caught up? Good… now let’s talk about what the final season premiere of Smallville set up. As you may or may not know Darkseid will be the big bad this season. That is who the black smoke monster was at the end of the episode. We know Clark will have to face evil like never before and Lex Luthor is still his greatest enemy. The powers that be at Smallville let us see “the Suit” not once, but twice so Clark will make the transition from mysterious blur to full fledged Superman at some point this season (sooner rather than later please). I am really interested to see how Tom Welling works at Superman, he has been Clark Kent for so long, just what kind of Man of Steel will he be (leave your comments to let me know)?

The episode jumped around a lot, threw in a Lex Luthor (previously Michael Rosenbaum) clone saga that I feel would have been a great second episode. Tess discover Lex’s secret cloning lab that was meant to be used for spare parts in case of an emergency, but he went and got all blowed up before he could reap the benefits of his very own “body shop” (pun intended). They were all either over or under cooked, and the one that was complete was stark raving mad and out of some Kryptonian blood. He escapes and captures Lois and strings her up in the same field Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson) strung Clark up in the series premiere. Psycho Lex then proceeded to lure Clark to another field, attempt to have Clark kill him and make a choice between saving Lois from a fiery end and a bunch of Metropolis citizens from being squashed by the Daily Planet globe. So of course Clark saves everyone (he is Superman after all), doesn’t kills “Lex” and and almost flies. As I said, this storyline alone should have been teased in episode one and then the focus of episode two.

Here is where things get a little confusing. Oliver is kidnapped by whomever and Chloe puts on Dr. Fate’s helmet to find him. Lois is thinking of going to Africa and baiting Clark to tell her the truth about himself (when not being strung up to a scarecrow post and almost set on fire). Clark is all over the place, at the Fortress of Solitude, in Smallville at the Daily Planet, visiting Chloe at Watchtower, at the JSA Headquarters (you get the picture)…. Oh, and he finds time to let Jor-El (voiced by Terrance Stamp) brow beat him and tell him he’s not worthy to be Earth’s savior because he’s got darkness in his heart.


Now the end of the episode was totally worth sitting through the rest of the episode. Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) makes a long awaited return to the old Kent Farm. Papa Kent was last seen dying in season five so this visit was from beyond the grave, and he imparted Clark with the wisdom he needed to hear to carry on with the mission. It was great seeing Schneider back, when he left the show it took them a while to find the heart and soul of Smallville (Allison Mack I’m talking to you), so any scenes between him and start Tom Welling will always be welcome no matter how ridiculous the premiss to bring him back may be.

There you have it, Smallville season 10 episode 1: Lazarus in a nutshell. What did you think of the episode? Are you ready for Smallville to end? What do you think Darkseid will be like? Let me know in the comments.

Rating: B

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