SocialSmack LogoIf you are a fan of social media, giving your two-cents or brands… SocialSmack is the place for you. SocialSmack is a social network built on giving Props or Drops to your favorite (and least favorite) brands.

It is a very easy system to use, and the best part is you have to leave a comment before you can give a prop or drop. So rather than going in and just clicking away, you can actually give a little thought and feedback to the brands. If you are a brand manager and do not know about this site, here is your wake up call. Get on board.

Once you sign up for your SocialSmack account, you start accumulating points for giving your feedback, creating new brands and commenting on other’s posts. The brand evangelist is all of us should find this site rather addictive, and once you start getting points you just want to keep climbing the SocialSmack ladder.

I would highly recommend you check this site out, and help get the word out about your favorite brands. As well as sharing your nightmare stories with your least favorite. If you want to see what I’m doing on SoicalSmack follow me at

– Brian (as always don’t forget to follow me on Twitter)