Young Justice – First Look

Producer Weisman has stated Young Justices covers a “young DC Universe” set in the present time of our world. The show focuses on the lives of Young Justice members as sidekicks attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes; and as teenagers dealing with adolescent issues that revolve around school, relationships, sex, and so forth. The tone of Young Justice is said to be more “grounded” and “realistic,” and deaths can include those of main or important characters.

Watch this exclusive preview of Young Justice below and be prepared to get excited about this upcoming series because it looks ah-mazing! I can’t wait to see this new Young Justice series on Cartoon Network, I have always been a fan of the Teen Titans and Young Justice. The characters look great, and from the first look video is sounds like there will be some real peril for all of the characters.

Young Justice is set to premiere on screen sometime in November 2010.

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Young Justice absolutely exceeded my very high expectation. I'm loving Invasion even more! I couldn't agree more with your take on Robin, Lex and Zatanna btw!